Korellis’ team-driven workplace fosters innovation, sophistication in construction and safety

Korellis’ team-driven workplace fosters innovation, sophistication in construction and safety

During their decades of service to the Northwest Indiana community, Korellis has continually evolved and refined their quality standards, their safety procedures, and their technology. Their effort to stay on the leading edge of service standards and employee care is the key that led to Korellis becoming synonymous with “roofing” in the Region, and it is what has fueled its growth into new trades such as sheet metal and masonry.

“To be able to say I work for Korellis makes me very proud,” said Mike Christensen, Director of Operations at Korellis. “When it comes to safety, technology, and quality, I feel we surpass other companies.”

One important tool at the disposal of any Korellis team member is their truck. Each truck is equipped with all the tools needed to not only complete any job – they are also packed full of features to keep employees safe.

“One example is that our trucks are both GPS and speed-governed,” Christensen said. “We also have software to digitally complete daily truck inspections, job safety analysis, and more. These items alone, by default, create a safer work environment to ensure all our employees go home safely to their families every night.”

Pete Korellis, CEO of Korellis, noted that their continual evolution stems from their operating philosophy, which is to always do right by their employees.

“We’re a company that truly puts its employees first,” he said. “Their safety, security, and wellbeing is our priority. That’s the kind of company we are, we just happen to be in the construction business.”

Another example of this philosophy in action is the newest update to their scheduling software.

“Together with another key member from our team, we’ve implemented changes that streamline our schedule and easily convey key information to all our field force on a day-to-day basis,” Christensen said. “With this new schedule going out daily, communication in the team is dramatically improved.”

The constant refinement and evolution is brought about by the steady stream of talent that Korellis brings aboard and cultivates.

“This is a lot of younger people coming to Korellis and trying to make a career for themselves,” said John Ziolkowski, Vice President at Korellis. “They want to grow, they want to innovate. They want to do different things.”

One of the most visible demonstrations of their refinement was their recent overhaul of their website, korellis.com. It includes everything clients expect to see from a top-of-the-line contractor, such as project galleries, service overviews, and a clean interface, but Korellis went beyond those standards.

“We’ve always aimed to bring a high level of sophistication to the construction industry, so to us, having a smooth and modern website just goes along with everything else we do,” said Kali Zaremba, HR Manager at Korellis. “The goal of our website update was to highlight what makes Korellis different. We want anyone visiting to understand our safety program, to learn about our training center, to see the specialized industries where we’re vetted to work, and to truly understand what ‘the Korellis Way’ is all about.”

Visit https://korellis.com/ to learn more, explore career opportunities, and to request service.