Korellis Roofing unifies their trades under one new brand – Korellis

Korellis Roofing unifies their trades under one new brand – Korellis

After decades of service to the Region as Korellis Roofing, the experts in high-quality commercial and industrial construction services have rebranded to one word – Korellis – to highlight their commitment to excellence in the facet of their business.

“This rebrand represents how Korellis will always want to stay on the cutting edge in the construction industry,” said John Ziolkowski, Vice President of Operations at Korellis. “Korellis achieves this by always innovating – implementing new processes, technology, equipment, and hiring great people in the field and office. There is a saying, ‘If you’re not growing, you’re dying,’ which means an organization should stay current with the times and continue to create innovation.”

For Korellis, innovation meant expanding their services beyond roofing. Years ago, they started recruiting experts in union trades such as sheet metal, wall paneling, masonry, and carpentry. Now, those niches are playing a key role in Korellis’ daily business, creating a cohesive, full-service company.

“These union trades mean we can be more efficient by having the proper experts that make it easier to coordinate with the roofing operation,” Ziolkowski said. “They are providing us the opportunity to continue to grow Korellis in the entire exterior building envelope of construction, meaning our trades can perform and coordinate with each other on the exterior score of work.”

Larry Millefoglie, Sheet Metal Project Manager, noted that Korellis did everything they could to hit the ground running in the wall panel industry.

“The team has made Korellis one of the key players among Northwest Indiana wall panel companies,” he said. “Korellis provides each employee the resources and support necessary to ensure we’re offering quality service that we feel is superior in the industry.”

Every member of these new teams of tradespeople understands the exceptional standard that Korellis holds their service to – and knows they can meet it.

“The men and women working on our masonry and concrete repair service group are dedicated to achieving the highest standard they can,” said Nicholas Liguras, Masonry Estimator/Project Manager. “When I show up at a job site and see them smile with pride in what looks like a brand new wall that they’ve just finished tuckpointing, or see what limestone that seems beyond help turn into something that looks almost brand new, I know that they’ve spent the time it takes to achieve a goal. They’re not here to show up and go through the motions.”

With new trades, new technology, new team members, and a new brand – Korellis is looking forward to a unified future.

“The most exciting part of rebranding is creating the next chapter for all the employees,” Ziolkowski said. “All the field trades are now all considered one with the “Roofing” being dropped from our name. The office staff has and will continue to develop new relationships and explain how and why Korellis does what we do, ‘the Korellis Way.’”

To learn more about Korellis, visit https://korellis.com/.