Korellis Roofing’s Mike Hernandez Employee Spotlight

Korellis Roofing’s Mike Hernandez Employee Spotlight

When he was younger, Mike Hernandez worked alongside his father getting his hands dirty, doing construction in the backyard, and dabbling into interior and exterior building. This was only the start of a passion that would change his life.

“I always did things in construction -- even labor jobs during the summer. I was constantly finding something that would keep me outside and working with my hands,” Hernandez said.

He decided to continue in the field, specifically focusing on exterior building construction, like roofing. A personal friend and employee of Korellis Roofing, Jon Swets, encouraged him to fill out an application. 

Nineteen years later, he couldn’t be more thankful for the constant growth and knowledge he has gained since becoming part of the Korellis Roofing team.

“In January, I was promoted to Service Manager,” Hernandez said. “I oversee ten service crews and trucks, and organize scheduling. My job consists of calculating day-to-day operations, staying in contact with customers, and the occasional trip to sites when possible."

Throughout the years leading up to his promotion, Hernandez dabbled in almost every position of service that the company offers.

“I started Korellis Roofing through an apprenticeship with Local 26 program. I became a journeyman - which means I graduated from all four years of the apprenticeship,” he said.

After completing the apprenticeship, Hernandez took on the role of Service Technician, where he spent his time on the job site completing leak and repair requests. 

“As a Service Technician, you see and work on all different types of roofs. From steep slope, hot tar roofs, and everything in between,” Hernandez said.

After working on the site for years, he was promoted to General Foreman, where he was focused on the production side of things.

“As General Foreman, I was able to see what we consider the ‘big projects’. High rises, new schools, commercial and industrial related. Nothing residential.”

Just recently, Korellis has dwindled away from the residential field. They have been serving commercial and industrial locations outside of the region, expanding into central and southern Indiana and further west into Illinois on a regular basis. 

In 2018, Hernandez saw an opportunity when the previous Service Manager was promoted and the role opened up.

“I always thought I would eventually move towards an office position, I just wasn’t sure how it was all going to pan out. It’s been a big change being Service Manager, but it actually is something I enjoy,” Hernandez said, noting that he still works with his hands when he gets the opportunity. 

Hernandez has become a focal member of the Korellis Roofing team, learning all corners of the trade. He has also learned a lot about himself in the process.

“Throughout the years, Korellis Roofing was the actually the driving force behind me wanting to better myself and be prepared for the next step,” Hernandez said. “The culture is always a family based culture. Everyone wants you to excel and to grow.”

Hernandez explained that the turnover rate is...basically non-existent, noting that the company morale is the reason behind those numbers.

“Korellis Roofing truly treats their employees fairly and believe in promoting people to their fullest potential,” Hernandez commented. “We are all happy to be employed here.”

Over anything, the Korellis Roofing team have become a part of Hernandez’ successful growth.

“They’ve always been there for me. Even my family. At the beginning of my career, I was never expecting to look back at all the great years I’ve had here.”

To become a part of the Korellis Roofing team, fill out an application and start your professional career today!