Korellis Roofing returns to residential service with Platinum Preferred Program

Korellis Roofing returns to residential service with Platinum Preferred Program
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: March 20, 2020

When Korellis Roofing opened for business in 1960, they started out dedicated to residential roofing and built a reputation for providing the highest level of service around Northwest Indiana. Over time, demand simply became too high for them to meet their own exceedingly high standards, so they shifted exclusively to commercial roofing.

Beginning this year, Korellis Roofing is returning to residential roofing with the Platinum Preferred Program.

“There were so many people who asked us about doing their roofs that we felt like we needed to find a way to do it,” said Scott Abell, Project Manager and Estimator at Korellis Roofing. “The Platinum Preferred Program is designed for people who love Korellis and how we do business. We want everyone to know Korellis is back in this division.”

Members who pay a fee to join the Platinum Preferred Program receive a return call from an estimator within 24 hours and are immediately scheduled for a meeting. No additional payment is due until 30 days after the project invoice, and the initial fee is deducted from the final total.

“In the past, customers would have to wait an unknown amount of time until we had an estimator available since we were just processing so many requests at once,” Abell said. “Now, we can sit with the homeowner, find out what their needs are, and offer some extra bells and whistles.”

Korellis Roofing prepares a customized presentation for every member of the Platinum Preferred Program, featuring birds’ eye views of their home taken by drone, and a full report on all roof areas, and square footage so their pricing estimate is exact.

“They get a binder full of information about their home and what separates Korellis’ work from our competition,” Abell said. “We’re one of the few companies that isn’t subcontracting our work. Everyone that works on your roof is expertly trained. They’re all professionals, you’ll never see them swearing, smoking, blaring music, or messing with your landscape.”

Abell and other team members were inspired to create the Platinum Preferred Program after hearing the need for high-quality service in the area.

“We treat your home and property like it’s our own,” Abell said. “We provide a portable restroom to our team. We do a thorough cleanup once finished. You hear stories about other homeowners finding or stepping on a nail – that doesn’t happen with us.”

Korellis Roofing’s team has more than 2,350 combined years of experience, and they provide complimentary preventative maintenance for two years after project completion. The early feedback to the program has Abell excited about the future.

“We did our first presentation to a homeowner, and they even got other estimates,” Abell said. “But they were so comfortable with what they saw and heard in our presentation that they went with us.”

To learn more about Korellis Roofing and the Platinum Preferred Program, visit korellis.com.