Korellis Roofing, Inc. strengthens during crisis

Korellis Roofing, Inc. strengthens during crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic tested businesses everywhere to operate under new restrictions, double down in their commitment to their employees and clients in unprecedented ways, and navigate the uncertainties of the future with originality and perseverance. While no business will emerge from this completely unscathed, some businesses will be stronger than ever as they adjust to a new normal. Korellis Roofing, Inc. shared the ways they have operated as an essential business during quarantine and the strategies they adopted to ensure their business continues to strengthen.

As a company that supports infrastructure and construction needs in the community, it is clear why Korellis Roofing is considered an essential business.

“A building’s roof protects all the vital assets inside, and Korellis is maintaining the same level of service that our customers have grown to expect, even during this difficult time,” said Kali Zaremba, Office and Human Resources Manager for Korellis Roofing. “Korellis knows the trust that is instilled within us, and we do not take that lightly. We remain committed to providing uninterrupted service and remain vigilant in our approach to the safety and sanitation of both the employees and the customers we serve.”

In responding to social distancing measures encouraged by government leaders, Korellis Roofing immediately mobilized to support staff and customers.

“One thing we did when first facing the pandemic was create our Crisis Management Team. This is a committee of several leaders, including Pete Korellis himself, that help us manage several areas of our daily operations and how we can adapt those areas under the new safety requirements of OSHA and the CDC,” said Korellis Roofing Safety Manager Joel Barnes.

Korellis Roofing garden sprayer for sanitary measure

From there, Korellis developed a rotating work-from-home schedule for their office staff, having them work from home one week and then work in the office the next. All non-essential meetings were eliminated, and all essential meetings are conducted virtually or in a large conference room where social distancing is possible. The company is also fortunate enough to have a vestibule in the entry, so all small items coming in can have contactless delivery. In addition, all field employees and visitors are temporarily prohibited from the building.

Extra safety precautions have been put in place for the field team as well.

“Under guidance from OSHA and the CDC, we have been able to adapt to the concerns surrounding the pandemic by providing many control measures on work sites.  These have ranged from proper PPE, to sanitization agents, to administrative policies like the suspension of ride sharing and onsite social distancing. We are constantly exploring and implementing new safety parameters to stay a step ahead so that our clients, and the public, can be confident that we are taking this seriously and are ready to do what is necessary to stay safe while we serve our communities,” Barnes said.

Korellis Roofing’s monthly safety meetings have been temporarily modified to fit a virtual format.

“We have been able to continue our regular safety training by utilizing a digital format where I narrate the lecture myself and make it available using our own employee webpage. I then assign a small test at the end to both monitor employee comprehension of the subject matter, as well as ascertain their attendance for the required training,” Barnes said.

Korellis Roofing training center
Korellis Roofing training center

The practice will likely work well for future safety meetings, especially to keep training moving along during busy months.

Korellis Roofing stays in touch daily with employees through Texting Base, which provides automated text message software that conserves time and money and effectively reaches users with personalized messages. This software has been an asset to the company because leaders can’t always be in front of the entire organization. This allows them to give daily updates, reference the employee website page when there are new documents or videos to watch, and more. Now more than ever communication is absolutely crucial, and this tool allows us to do efficiently and effectively.

Company president Pete Korellis took his commitment to being in touch with his company one step further by sharing weekly State of the Company videos with employees.

“He has always been very hands-on across the organization, and during these times he has struggled with not being able to get that real-life face time with the employees,” Zaremba said of Korellis. “The videos give vital updates, and our texting software allows us to notify the team when a new one has been posted.”

“Sometimes,” Zaremba added, “it’s his way to let everyone know there are actually no updates or changes, but it is about reassurance. During these uncertain times, he is able to give the team that confidence of Korellis doing everything we can to keep as many employees working as we can, in a safe way.”

Other changes for the better have been taking shape throughout the pandemic’s restrictions, too, and Korellis Roofing has found ways to move forward despite them. In the Korellis Training Center, for example, they have repurposed old office cubicle walls to divide training stations. Workforce Development Manager Dan Stella can now resume bringing in new employees for training while complying with social distancing practices.

With so many serious measures being formed, Korellis Roofing carved out a little extra time to create an outlet for employees, customers, and their families. Features like the Korellis Kids Coloring page gives kids a little something to lift their spirits while they spend more time at home.

“Korellis has always been employee-first. Our president says that if you take good care of the employees, they’ll, in turn, take care of the customers,” Zaremba said. “And we understand that taking care of the employee means taking care of their wellbeing along with their families. We are always looking for ways to connect with the employees’ families, and this was a way to involve them, too.”

To learn more about Korellis Roofing, Inc., visit https://korellis.com/.