Korellis Roofing Employee Spotlight: Dan Runyan

Korellis Roofing Employee Spotlight: Dan Runyan
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: June 24, 2019

Dan Runyan started off at Korellis Roofing more than 25 years ago when the company consisted of just a handful of roofers. He has watched it grow into one of the largest companies in the Region and now, he is their ultimate utility man.

As Korellis’ General Foreman, Runyan goes wherever he might be needed in the field. That means he does roofing, runs cranes, works with customers, and more. His long years of service in the industry provide him with the knowledge he needs to help out in almost any situation.

“It’s not really a role I signed up for, it just kind of happened,” Runyan joked. “I basically do whatever is needed. I know that sounds kind of odd. I’m pretty knowledgeable about everything that I’ve done because I remember what to do. If somebody needs something, they send them to me and I try to direct them, in whatever fashion necessary.”

It is often a complicated job. Every worksite is different, every customer looks for something unique, and even the tools and materials Korellis Roofing uses each have their own quirks and regulations. One of the biggest parts of Runyan’s job is assembling all of those diverse requirements into a perfect solution.

“I can relate to something that’s out of the box more than somebody else might be able to,” he said. “It’s all about finding a solution that honors both the customer and the company. People like to tell me I make things look easy, but that’s only because I’ve done it before!”

For all of his experience and talent, the thing that originally drew Runyan into the roofing industry in the first place was actually very simple.

“I just love being outside,” he said. “That’s what got me into this job in the first place. We’re never really in the same spot every day. We’re constantly moving around and we always get to meet new people. It’s something different every day.”

At the end of a long day on a roof, there is no greater reward for him than seeing excited customers.

“At the end of one job, I had an older woman, in her 80’s or so, give me hug,” Runyan recalled. “That stuff makes all the work well worth it, because I’m guaranteeing you your roof isn’t going to leak after I walk away.”

Korellis Roofing has a unique culture in the industry. President Pete Korellis places a premium on hard work and ability. Though Runyan’s brother and son both joined him at the company, he has never recommended someone to the owner, they came aboard on their own merit.

“I see Korellis as one big opportunity,” he said. “And I hope that anyone coming in to work takes it the same way. I got to where I am by never saying ‘no’, you’ve just got to grab the bull by the horns.”

To learn more about Korellis Roofing and to apply online, visit korellis.com.