Korellis hosts Annual Family Picnic at Lemon Lake County Park

Korellis hosts Annual Family Picnic at Lemon Lake County Park

Lemon Lake County Park bustled with activity on Sunday as Korellis Roofing invited employees and their families for their Annual Family Picnic. People of all ages enjoyed a classic summer cookout in the scenic park while kids engaged in different games and activities. Their parents also joined in on the fun, battling it out in a bags tournament.

Korellis Family Picnic 2019

Korellis Family Picnic 2019 43 Photos
Korellis Family Picnic 2019Korellis Family Picnic 2019Korellis Family Picnic 2019Korellis Family Picnic 2019

The nature of the roofing business means that a good part of Korellis’ workforce is always out and about at different job sites. Rarely do they all get to bring everyone together in one place, and even more rarely with their families. The Family Picnic is Korellis Roofing’s way of addressing that with one big party.

“This is really important, we get to meet everyone’s kids and spouses and celebrate the entire year together,” said Kali Zaremba, Korellis Roofing Office & Human Resources Manager. “Everyone from our office staff, roofers, yard team, sheet metal workers, carpenters, masons; they’re all here today. We truly believe if you have a good social culture at your workplace, you’ll end up working even better together.”

The event first became a picnic a few years back. It had originally been a golf outing, but the organizers wanted to encourage more kids to come out, so they moved over to Lemon Lake and have not looked back. Barb Nuccio was in charge of organizing all the games and prizes for the kids and noted that the picnic is one of the highlights of her year.

“I so look forward to it. The kids always have such a good time and once they leave, they leave happy,” Nuccio said. “Picnics are all about families, so this is our way of showing appreciation to all the families that work for us and make Korellis Roofing what it is.”

Kids duked it out in tug-of-war, raced bouncing balls, and bowled with soft pins that towered over some of the younger ones. The parents, meanwhile, competed in a bags tournament and hoped to win over 40 raffle prizes that included an Echo Dot, Fitbit, and more. Mike Christensen, a general foreman for Korellis, has been with the company for just about 10 years and has seen how big of an impact it makes.

“It’s fun for everyone to get together outside of roofing, even if we end up talking about roofing,” he joked. “It’s a big deal. We’ve got a great family atmosphere, especially when you can get your whole crew together, my whole crew together. I made sure that they all came. We work together every day, so it’s great to be able to meet their wives and children.”

To learn more about Korellis Roofing Inc., visit them at korellis.com.