Korellis family picnic brings team together and gives new definition to family

Korellis family picnic brings team together and gives new definition to family

The day may have been a little cloudy and wet, but the rain dampened no one’s spirits at the Korellis family picnic on Sunday, September 11. Korellis threw a fun picnic for its employees and their families to celebrate all the hard work they’ve done. Kids and adults alike had a blast playing in the rain, eating some delicious food, and engaging in some great conversations.

Korellis Family Picnic 2022

Korellis Family Picnic 2022 51 Photos
Korellis Family Picnic 2022Korellis Family Picnic 2022Korellis Family Picnic 2022Korellis Family Picnic 2022

Not only did the event show some appreciation for Korellis employees, but it showed appreciation for the employees’ families as well.

“It’s our way of giving back to our employees, but more importantly giving back to their families for their commitment to the work their husbands and wives have done here at this company day in and day out,” said John Ziolkowski, president of Korellis.

Korellis has been throwing family picnics for its employees since 2016, but what made this year’s picnic extra special is that this is the first one the team has been able to hold in a while. For the last two years, the picnic has been canceled because of COVID. Everyone was grateful and excited to finally get back to tradition this year.

“We always look at what’s best for our entire team and their safety. We felt that it was best not to have this type of environment, but to bring it back finally, rain or shine, is the best feeling,” said Ziolkowski.

The picnic has grown and changed a lot over the years, and this year’s picnic was one of the biggest ones yet—about 195 people RSVP’d. Each year Korellis adds new things to make the event even more fun and inviting for the entire family, especially the kids.

“We do a lot more for the kids than we did before, providing more games. We’ve done games for them in the past, and I think that helps it grow because there’s more for the kids to do. It makes it more family-oriented,” said Juli Tattersall, internal operations manager.

The picnic had something fun for everyone to enjoy. Kids ran around flying kites, blowing bubbles, and playing many different yard games. When they weren’t running around burning off energy, they were getting their faces painted. Even the adults had fun giving into their playful side and getting their faces painted! The games weren’t the only things to enjoy, though. At the end of the day, Korellis held a raffle and gave many cool prizes away, including two $2,000 awards for mini vacations.

The Korellis family picnic ultimately did a great job of bringing everyone together and showing them what Korellis’ work is all about: family. The event was a huge success—everyone had a wonderful time and made some great memories. Thanks to the team’s hard work, next year’s picnic is sure to be even more heartwarming.

“I want to give a big thanks to the entire team that put this together here year after year,” said Ziolkowski.

To learn more about Korellis and its tight-knit team, visit korellis.com