Kids and Families Go for a Swim at LaPorte Family YMCA’s Annual Bunny Bubbles Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

Kids and Families Go for a Swim at LaPorte Family YMCA’s Annual Bunny Bubbles Underwater Easter Egg Hunt

The first thing heard today as you walked into the LA Porte County Family YMCA was ready, set, go, then splashes! No, it wasn’t a swim race. It was an egg dive. The LA Porte County YMCA hosted their annual Bunny Bubbles Underwater Easter Egg Hunt from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. This event was not only open to members of the Y but also to the public for free.

Pat Buell and Jeff Duszynskr, the aquatic coordinators for the LA Porte YMCA, were on hand today to help with the event. Pat helped from the deck with all the prizes and kept things running smoothly while Jeff helped out in the water. Pat said the egg dive has been going on for over eight years. She looks forward to seeing the kids at this event each year. A lot of kids in attendance at the event take swim classes at the YMCA.

The week leading up to the event all Pat Buell heard was “Miss Pat, when’s the Easter egg dive?” she stated with a big smile. The kids are very enthusiastic about the event and look forward to it each year.

“The group this year is larger than last year. It seems to grow each year”, shared Pat. There were at least one hundred or more kids at the YMCA today.

“We are the only place that offers a water egg hunt in the area. You don’t have to worry if it’s rainy, windy, snowing or even cold. We are in where it’s warm but you will get wet!” smiled Pat.

Babes to tweens and every age in between sat around the pool with their feet dangling in the water waiting to hear the whistle blow. There were even a few brave parents in the mix who were getting in the pool with their young child or baby. Once the whistle sounded everyone quickly hopped into the water to get an egg. Each participant was allowed to get 6 eggs in each of the four dives. Once you got your egg you were able to trade it in for six different prizes ranging from rub on tattoos to necklaces or candy.

Lisa Jones brought her from children ranging in age from 2 to 12 years old for the egg dive for the first time today. They knew about the dive through her six-year-old that takes lessons at the YMCA. Lisa brought her kids to the event “to get out of the house and do something for the holiday.”

“I know it’s safe and I know it’s going to be fun for them,” she shared.

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It was a very safe event for all the kids who came. Lifeguards were stationed on the deck all around the pool and also in the water with the kids. Before the actual dive took place kids who wanted to get eggs in the deep end were able to take a swim test proving that they were able to swim in the deep end. When they passed, they received a bracelet. Only those with this bracelet were allowed to get the eggs from the deeper end of the pool.

Each participant also had to have a waiver signed by his or her parent or guardian to be able to join in the fun activity.

Hans Tuznik, who has worked for the YMCA as a life guard and swim instructor for the last three and a half years, was there to help keep the kids safe.

“I love it! I come to this every year “ enthused Hans. He said sometimes he doesn’t even clock in when helping out fun events like the egg dive at the LA Porte YMCA. He enjoys helping at them and doesn’t care if he gets paid or not.

If you looked around the pool deck and in the water you got to see many a smiling, happy and wet kid with eggs and prizes. There was a lot of laughter and some splashing going on too. Parents who weren’t braving the pool were grouped around the deck taking pictures and trying not to get wet themselves. All who went had fun!

Emily Maesch, who is ten, comes to the egg dive because “she loves to swim” and likes to get the eggs and the prizes.