Johnny On The Spot Offers Advice on Keeping Portable Restrooms Accessible and Comfortable in the Cold

Johnny On The Spot Offers Advice on Keeping Portable Restrooms Accessible and Comfortable in the Cold

Fall and winter bring along a special set of challenges for portable restroom use. From accessibility and warmth to service needs, there are a few considerations to make when getting your portable restroom is delivered for use.

It may seem feasible to go without, but with more people than ever venturing outside for events and activities in the cold, fall and winter are no time to skip out on  restroom  service. But Johnny On The Spot has a few tips for making sure your cold weather use is still pleasant!

Find a Place in the Sun

Portable restrooms can retain quite a bit of heat when placed in direct sunlight. When deciding where to place your potty, choose a space that gets a lot of sunlight throughout the day. This will help heat the roof and walls which can raise the temperature inside.

Shield it From the Wind

Harsh winds can drop the temperature inside of the potty, but also present the possibility of knocking the facility over. Be sure to place the unit near a fence, alongside a building, or in another area that blocks the restroom from the wind.

Avoid Snow Drifts and Piles

Having a portable restroom won’t be much good if it becomes inaccessible! Be sure to place the potty in an area that isn’t likely to get snow drifts and avoid areas where plows pile up snow. This will help avoid damage to the restroom and keep the doorway clear for your guests. A secondary chemical is added to the restroom water to prevent freezing in the tank for easier services. 

Salt Around the Restroom

If the area around your potty is likely to have ice or snow, be sure to salt adequately around it. Be sure to clear away any snow that accumulates near the doorway, and check on the restroom frequently to be sure it’s still accessible.

Place the Restroom Inside

While this isn’t feasible at all locations, if you have a garage or worksite building that can house the rental, consider placing it there. Bringing it inside can shield it from high winds and keep the internal temperature higher than if it were placed outdoors. Keep the ventilation needs in mind, though!

Keep up on Service

Be sure the restroom is accessible and serviceable at all times so that the Johnny On The Spot crew can take care of any needs you may have. Winter’s low temperatures can wreak havoc on the tanks and reservoirs if not properly cared for. As always, give Johnny On The Spot a call if you notice anything strange with your portable restroom.

There you have it! The cold may bring some difficulties and new considerations, but there’s no reason you can’t make a portable restroom accessible and comfortable during the winter months. Of course, you can always look into one of the VIP Restroom Trailers if you want a heated option for your cold weather event!

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