JCB’s search for a GreatNews.Life Experienced Lifer Coach

JCB’s search for a GreatNews.Life Experienced Lifer Coach

I am looking to hire an Experienced Lifer Coach. Yes, that is a unique title but the person I am looking for will need to be a specific, unique fit for this company and who we are as a team.

Nine years ago, I applied for a “mini-me” position at GreatNews.Life. It was, to say the least, an entry-level position. I remember the description being something such as “lots of hours, low pay, but you will grow in every way." That description intrigued me. It made me want to apply to a job that I knew nothing about.

The interview was 4 hours long where I met the Founder of GreatNews.Life. We were similarly minded people that talked too fast, were too much in our own heads, and were both thinking of the next question before the first was answered completely. I accepted the job offer immediately, officially taking a pay cut to come to a new company with no clue what I would be doing. But it was fast and growing and I wanted on that bus.

Looking ahead to nine years, I am so very happy I did apply for that job. I came in as the assistant to the assistant. I worked hard, always said yes, kept long hours, and grew in more ways than I could have imagined. I moved up. I worked harder. I moved up again and worked harder. Now, as Executive Director of GreatNews.Life, running this company every day, I have the need for someone like that nine-years-younger ME.

The core of that person needs to be much like I am, but the role they will play will be different. I don’t need an assistant (well I do but that is a different application), I need a person that can coach, lead, grow and mentor all of the future Lifers. This team is gritty, smart, fast, and candidly impatient. We must be. Even in the exclusively positive world of media, the news is always happening, changing, and demanding to be shared. I am looking for a person to help make Lifers as effective as we require to be part of this team. Someone that can train others, manage people well, and coach them to be the best version of themselves. This Experienced Lifer Coach needs to be able to train, mentor, motivate, manage, plan, and develop this team with me. Most importantly, they will be able to COACH.

If you like working with a bunch of quirky people who want to grow, alongside a few strong and equally quirky managers, this is your spot. Apply, call and ask me some questions, just make sure to apply if this job and company are oddly calling to you.  

You never know, it could be the perfect fit you didn't know you needed.