Jackson Elementary Announces 2016 Book Title

Jackson-announces-book-title-2016A single trumpet fanfare marked the beginning of an exciting journey for Jackson Elementary students as they were beckoned to the gymnasium for a school-wide assembly this week as a kickoff for their One School, One Book event.

Vincent Arizzi, trumpeter and Chesterton Middle School Band director, played various jazz trumpet selections as teachers’ assembled students into the gym for the event. Student interest was piqued by the music and blankets spread on the floor for picnic-blanket style seating, a faux campfire, and other props decorating the gym.

Principal Dr. Linda Rugg, dressed in a suit of cream and black depicting a swan, read an excerpt of their new book, quickly followed by the entry of book carts donning large white swans filled with books for each student hidden in white paper bags. Teachers passed out the bags and all the students opened them together to reveal the title of their first ever One School, One Book, The Trumpet of the Swan by E.B. White.

Studies support that reading aloud to children helps them to listen better and longer, to increase their vocabularies, and to encourage positive feelings about books and learning. When an entire school reads the same book together, the benefits are multiplied by instilling a sense of community as well.

In addition to activities at school, some activities for home have also been prepared to include families in the process. Reading at home strengthens the emotional bonds between the adult reader and the child, and provides a positive parent-child connection.