IU Northwest to offer bachelor’s degree in neuroscience

IU Northwest to offer bachelor’s degree in neuroscience

A first for the Region, curriculum will prepare students for work in the life sciences, professional schools

Gary, Ind. – Registration is now open for Indiana University Northwest’s new bachelor’s degree program in neuroscience, a field that involves studying the structure of the nervous system and how it relates to functions like thinking and behavior. An excellent choice for students interested in the healthcare and medical fields, the program teaches students how  to think critically about scientific information, discuss and write about neuroscience topics, and design and conduct experiments.

The degree prepares students to attend professional schools, such as medical, dental, or pharmacy school, as well as graduate programs in neuroscience or biomedical sciences. Students who instead choose to enter the workforce upon graduation are prepared for work in the life sciences and health science professions, including laboratory or medical technician. Other possibilities include such roles as, science writer, medical and health services manager, or sales and marketing professional.

The Department of Psychology partners with colleagues in the departments of biology and chemistry, as well as the medical school to leverage resources and provide a well-rounded curriculum comprised of courses in psychology, biology, chemistry, computer science, and other disciplines.

Maureen Rutherford, assistant professor of psychology, said IU Northwest is the first university in the region to offer a degree program in neuroscience.

“Studying neuroscience is critical for advancing our understanding of how the nervous system controls thinking, behavior, and other biological functions,” she said. “This knowledge can also help us to understand disease states, like the hundreds of diseases that involve the nervous system.”

Students may choose from a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree based on their post-graduate career plans. Both degrees require 68-69 credit hours in psychology, biology, chemistry, and other disciplines, in addition to general education requirements and electives to meet the 120 credit hours required for a bachelor’s degree.

For more information, visit iun.edu/psychology/degrees. Or, contact the Department of Psychology at 219-980-6680 or mlpetrun@iun.edu