IU Northwest Chancellor’s Medallion Paves the Way Towards Student Success

IU Northwest Chancellor’s Medallion Paves the Way Towards Student Success

On Thursday, Indiana University Northwest hosted their annual Chancellor’s Medallion ceremony at Avalon Manor in Merrillville.

The Chancellor’s Medallion is the highest honor to be presented by the Chancellor of Indiana University Northwest. The award is given to individuals who have provided pronounced service to both the university and the community. The 2018 Chancellor’s Medallion Award Recipients included Nancy and James Hamblin, Carol Wood and Nelson De Leon, and Peoples Bank.

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“To our students, we are the place where minds are enriched, support and career networks are formed, potential is unleashed, and confidence is built,” said William J. Lowe, IU Northwest Chancellor. “We are proud to be IU in Northwest Indiana and leaders in advancing the educational, civic and economic well-being of this region, particularly for our students, our future leaders. Support of IU Northwest and our students comes in many forms, but especially through sharing of one’s time, talent and treasure.”

All of the proceeds from the ceremony went to benefit the Chancellor’s Medallion Scholarship, which was awarded to the following students: India Bradley, Jeremiah Charles, Monica Conway, Lena Storino, and Channael Watkins. Corporate sponsorships also went to benefit the Chancellor’s Medallion Scholarship in order to provide scholarship assistance to IU Northwest students who are working very hard to obtain their degree.

“I feel incredibly fortunate and lucky to have received the scholarship award,” said Jeremiah Charles, recipient of the Chancellor’s Medallion Scholarship. “I honestly couldn’t believe it at first, but I am extremely grateful for this honor.”

The Chancellor’s Medallion Scholarship is an annually renewable $8,000 academic scholarship for all of the student recipients. At IU Northwest, more than 70% of students receive financial aid, nearly half of whom receive some form of gift aid. Many IU Northwest students also work one or two full-time jobs in order to pay for school. Juggling college and work can be very stressful and overwhelming, which is why the Chancellor’s Medallion Scholarship was a huge honor to the student recipients.

“See, when scholarship support comes into play, our student’s worries, fears and concerns are quickly transformed into opportunities, motivation, inspiration, empowerment, and gratitude,” said Pat Gabbert, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement and External Affairs.

The ceremony reception began at 5:30pm and allowed for attendees to mingle with each other, congratulate the award recipients, and try a variety of hors d'oeuvres. At 6:30pm, the dinner began and offered guests a delicious meal. The menu for the event included a salad, chicken stuffed with red peppers and goat cheese, roasted red potatoes, green beans with carrots and red peppers, double chocolate fudge cake for dessert, and glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio Wine to compliment the meal.

The Chancellor’s Medallion ceremony hosted a fun and delicious night for guests, but more importantly, a life-changing honor for the award recipients.

To learn more about IU Northwest, please visit their website at www.iun.edu/.