It’s the Roast with the Most with the Hobart Chamber

Those out enjoying a beautiful Sunday morning may have stopped by the Hobart Chamber of Commerce's annual pig roast for a delicious meal while helping support the Chamber at the same time. The roast was a fundraiser for the Chamber, and they had quite a bit to offer to their guests.

The pig roast took place at Festival Park and while the it happens yearly, this year changes were made; Namely, menu changes. While items were all sold a-la-carte in the past, this year, combos were available. Pulled pork, chips and a drink was available for $5.00 while a hot dog, chips and drink was available for $3.00.Customers could also choose to buy items a-la-carte for a cheaper price if they desired.In the past, the menu was larger, featuring soups, cakes and cornbread, but this year, the menu has lessened to just pulled pork, hot dogs, corn, chips and bread. In total, the Chamber hoped to sell 1,200 orders by the end of the event.

Since the pig roast is competing with the other vendors around the park, the menu changed to make it more streamline and to better compete. Ruge Meats of Valpo donated the meat for the roast and Janson's donated corn on the cob. Water was donated by Strack & Van Til.

Also new this year was the setup and style of the event. To make things go faster and to appeal as more of a "to-go" event, brown paper bags filled with food were handed out. There was also an assembly line the customers walked through to make the process faster.

Everyone serving at the roast was a volunteer and many were also Chamber members. Mayor Brian K. Snedecor and his wife were among those volunteering. The Chamber is all about the business community working together. They are a central agency that combines the forces of the community for improvement and development in business, industry, and the professions. Together with the community and local businesses, the Chamber is able to complete what no person or group can accomplish alone.

According to Kevin Kosek, the Hobart Chamber of Commerce Treasurer, his favorite thing about the event is dealing with the community.

"My favorite thing is seeing the community. Everyone knows the chamber is about small businesses and businesses in general in the region, and we never interact with the community. This event, they really get to meet business behind the Chamber of Commerce," Kosek said.

Lisa Winstead, Exexcutive Director also agreed.

"My favorite thing about the event is seeing the community come together and seeing people you don't normally get to see," Winstead said. "It's a nice community family event."

According to Winstead, the event originally started as just the pig roast and duck racing and turned into what is now a big festival with multiple tents and activities to participate in around the park.

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