Introducing Survivor Series: Cancer Survivors of the Region

Introducing Survivor Series: Cancer Survivors of the Region

In the spirit of Good News that Ideas in Motion Media is built upon, and with the collaboration of Sam Lubeznik from McDonald’s of La Porte County, the LIFE Sites proudly introduces the new monthly feature "Survivor Series: Cancer Survivors of the Region."

Survivor Series: Cancer Survivors of the Region is a celebration of those in Northwest Indiana who have battled cancer and won. It’s a testament for those who are fighting for their lives right now to see there is hope and that if you stay strong and positive, things can get better and you can win the fight.

Ideas in Motion Media reached out to Lubeznik to ask him about where the idea and inspiration for the Survivor Series came from.

“Recently cancer touched my life for a second time,” Lubeznik said, as he began to reflect on where the idea for the series originated. “When I was very young, around six years old, I lost my grandfather to cancer. 30 years later and shortly after meeting my future wife, her mother, Sue Jones was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

“The type of cancer she had was very aggressive and had a low survival rate. Luckily, she got treatment in time and is currently a three year survivor.”

During her treatment, this woman who had previously been so full of life with so much energy, began losing some of her spirit, little by little. It became harder and harder for her to remain positive and confident. Mrs. Jones, like most people diagnosed with cancer, began to worry about what life will be like and what the future might hold.

“Not only do you have cancer but you lose your daily routine,” Lubeznik noticed. “You sometimes feel like you lose a lot of your purpose, which makes it harder and harder to recognize any value that you’re adding to people's lives. Some begin to feel like they’re a burden.”

After the diagnosis and beginning treatment, Lubeznik saw how it became hard for Mrs. Jones to not think about the people who had lost their battle with cancer.

“The more obituaries she read and the more people who were no longer at the oncology clinic for chemo, the lower and lower her spirits would get and it became hard for her to see the positive side of things,” he explained.

Somewhere during this process Lubeznik began to think about all the people going through the same thing and how many people there were who had fought cancer and won.

“What a gift it would have been for Sue to have had something on a regular basis to look at that would show her all of the survivors who have beaten cancer. Something to say, “Look, all of these people beat cancer and so can I!”

That’s the heart and soul of the Survivor Series. Everyone knows someone who has dealt with illness and cancer, and to have the stories of those who fought their battle and came out on top could be the inspiring push that some people need to stay focused on the positives around them.

If you’re a cancer survivor or you have a friend or family member that is, please share your story and how long you have been cancer free to Simply send us your name and how long you’ve been cancer free to be added to our growing list of Survivors. We look forward to sharing some inspirational journeys with you through this series!