Insuring and enriching the community is what General Insurance Services does best

Insuring and enriching the community is what General Insurance Services does best

In all of its offices throughout Greater Northwest Indiana, General Insurance Services (GIS) seeks to not only to make a profit, but to also improve the lives of those living in the community. They intentionally set-up their offices near the downtown of whatever location they serve to ensure they are operating both for and at the heart of the community. GIS believes in giving back, which is reflected in its activities on an organizational and individual basis.

“We give back to the community in a number of different ways,” said Marketing Coordinator Kara Moon. “We support local organizations through sponsorships and donations, as well as through our Blue Jean Friday and Client Referral program where we give back to the organization of the month. Many of our employees sit on boards and are dedicated to the organizations they are passionate about. We encourage that volunteerism by giving all employees paid volunteer hours in addition to any paid time off. Securing the future of our communities is more than just about insurance; it’s about helping others further their missions as well.”

To help their staff serve the best care possible, GIS also highly encourages staff to make learning and education a priority in order to build upon their skill sets. Their mission to secure the future of the communities they serve is reflected in the lives of the staff during their employment at GIS, and even spills into their retirement. Moon said that staff members who reach retirement often transition into an educational role to help share their knowledge with team members that have less experience in the industry. 

GIS offers an array of solutions for individuals and businesses. For individuals, they offer home, auto, boat, motorcycle, umbrella, health, and life insurance options, as well as Medicare assistance and Medicare Supplement plans. Their Financial Services department can equip individuals with the knowledge and capability to invest where they wish.

“There are a lot of insurance companies out there that are just trying to sell you a policy and make that sale,” Moon said. “We truly want to be advisors who are with you from the beginning. From your first house to starting a family or nearing retirement. We like to strategize as you work through life’s different stages. The same goes for businesses as well.”

Where businesses are concerned, GIS offers many insurance coverage options as well as Employee Benefits, Software, Wellness, and Financial Services.

“We take a risk management approach to develop a clear understanding of an organization’s operations, exposures, and overall risk profile,” Moon said. “By helping organizations mitigate their risk, we can go back to the insurance companies we work with to advocate for lesser premiums. The money saved can be put back into their business, which will ultimately benefit their employees and our communities.”

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