Indiana University Northwest RedHawk Induction Ceremony welcomes incoming freshmen

Indiana University Northwest RedHawk Induction Ceremony welcomes incoming freshmen

Faculty and staff welcomed the incoming freshmen class of Indiana University Northwest with smiles, sweets, and a symbolic pin during their first day on campus.

Gathered in the IU Northwest theater at the Arts & Sciences building, freshmen waited eagerly as they sat and chatted with fellow peers before for the ceremony began.

“We wanted to create something that made freshmen feel welcomed and comfortable on their first day. The induction ceremony is meant to be just as special to freshman as graduation is to our graduating classes each year,” said Professor Jonathyne Briggs.

A freshman herself just last year, Ciera Moulesong spoke to her fellow RedHawks with wisdom and experience.

“This is your time to explore new routes of knowledge outside of your comfort zone. In your quest for knowledge, get to know your faculty because they want you to succeed just as much as you do,” Moulesong said. “There’s always someone here to help you through it. They care for you as individuals and not just another face in the classroom.”

RedHawk Freshman Induction

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RedHawk Freshman InductionRedHawk Freshman InductionRedHawk Freshman InductionRedHawk Freshman Induction

From her vantage point in the crowd, freshmen Emily Hernandez was inspired by Moulesong’s words and felt she could relate to the speaker’s journey at IUN thus far.

“Hearing that she ended up liking some of the classes she wasn’t too excited about taking in the beginning, inspired me to be more open-minded and comforted,” Hernandez said.

Pursuing a nursing degree, Hernandez left the event inspired and ready to take on the school year.

“My main goal is to get that degree. I have my mom in the back of my head all the time saying, ‘I can’t wait until you earn that degree’. She didn’t go to college herself, and I just want to make her proud.”

Another freshman attendee, Lexington Harris, was also feeling amped about the school year after the ceremony.

“I came to this event to feel more involved, and it definitely inspired me after hearing the speakers. I’m looking forward to developing relationships with my professors because I know they actually care about my success and will help me get to where I need to be,” Harris said. “I already feel at home here.”

To conclude the ceremony, students turned to their neighbors and applied symbolic IUN pins to their shirts, then sang along as Mia Godfrey, IUN sophomore, led those gathered in “Hail to Old IU”. Afterwards, students made their way to mingle and enjoy sweets and lemonade as IUN staff cheered them on.

“Peer interaction is so important in college. This event gives students a chance to break the ice, mingle, meet some of their fellow classmates, and most of all feel welcomed,” Briggs said.

RedHawk pride was in the air as freshmen enjoyed each other’s company after the induction.

“When students leave the ceremony today, we want them to know that the entire faculty and staff here at IUN is rooting for their success and that we are here to help them every step of the way during their journeys,” Briggs said.

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