Indiana State Police Polygraph Unit Receives Accreditation

Indiana-State-Police-Polygraph-AccreditationRecently, the Indiana State Police Polygraph Unit was bestowed the honor of becoming the first polygraph accredited agency in the State of Indiana. The unit was accredited by the Polygraph Law Enforcement Accreditation (PLEA).

The PLEA program ensure law enforcement agencies that their polygraph programs are employing standardized practices that provide a level of service that is ethical, professional, and offers reliable results to the jurisdictions served. The polygraph standards adopted by PLEA are taught at the National Center for Credibility Assessment, have been validated through research, and are consistent with the polygraph practices in use by the federal government.

The PLEA program is managed by local, state and federal polygraph examiners and the inspections are conducted by volunteer subject matter experts using procedures mandated in the PLEA Manual of Inspections. To undergo the PLEA inspection, an agency must agree to comply with the standards detailed in the “Polygraph Guide for Standards and Practices” and formally request to undergo the PLEA inspection process.

As part of the accreditation process, the Indiana State Police Polygraph Unit underwent an inspection and review of their procedures and casework. This process includes the examination of every polygraph test being reviewed by another polygraph examiner before the results are considered official.

“The PLEA accreditation demonstrates the Indiana State Police polygraph unit’s dedication, professionalism and service to all those we serve,” stated First Sergeant Paul Hansard. “It would not have happened without the outstanding work performed daily by the men and women of the ISP polygraph unit.”

The Polygraph Unit is under the direction of the ISP Laboratory Division. It is staffed by five regional examiners and one supervisor.

For further information on the Indiana State Police Polygraph Unit go to and click on the “ISP Laboratory Division” link.