Indiana State Police Film Water Immersion Safety with ABC Good Morning America

Indiana-State-Police-logoRecently, The Indiana State Police Underwater Search and Recovery Team along with Doctor Gordon Giesbrecht, a world renowned expert in vehicle immersions, recorded a segment on vehicle immersions for ABC Good Morning America that is scheduled to air on Tuesday morning, September 2nd, barring any unforeseen breaking news.

The ISP Dive Team and Doctor Giesbrecht have a long relationship and a mutual philosophy on how to escape a vehicle that goes into the water. Doctor Giesbrecht, a professor at the University of Manitoba, was initially contacted by the producers of Good Morning America as he is considered an expert in vehicle immersions.

Doctor Giesbrecht, having worked with the ISP dive team in the past, contacted Dive Team Leader Detective Robert May to assist him with GMA segment. It was filmed at a retention pond on the District 52 Post property located at 21st and Post Road in Indianapolis.

A drivable vehicle was provided by Lawrence Towing and environmental precautions were taken prior to the car being driven into the water by ABC Correspondent Matt Gutman. The vehicle was also occupied by Doctor Giesbrecht, ISP Diver Sgt Chris Lambert and a manikin child in a child restraint seat. Gutman’s objective was to remove the manikin child and himself and escape to the roof of the car prior to it sinking.

The entire event was filmed with both interior and exterior camera’s and documents well Gutman’s removal of the manikin child and himself from the vehicle.

“We wanted to show the public that it is possible to escape a vehicle that has gone into the water”, stated Detective May. “But you must rely on yourself to get you out of the car.”

The State Police Dive Team suggests you do the following if your vehicle goes into the water:

1. Seatbelts: Off or cut
2. Windows: Open or break
3. Children: Undo their restraints Oldest to youngest
4. Out: Through the window Children first. Then climb on the roof to wait for help or prepare to swim to shore.