Indiana Economic Development Corporation: Where the Jobs Are

iedcLast issue we reported that Indiana is attracting new business opportunities from Germany and how both Indiana and Germany are economic bright spots in their respective regions. In keeping with that theme, you only need to look at Indiana’s March unemployment numbers to literally see the Hoosier bright spot on the map compared to our neighboring states.

Indiana reported a full 2% decrease in unemployment in the last twelve months and the Hoosier state is leading the nation for manufacturing job growth. Our business climate is attractive, our formula is working and the Hoosier economy is headed in the right direction.

In 2014 alone, we’ve won 50-plus projects in direct competition with our neighboring states. Companies are voting with their feet and gravitating toward Indiana’s business-friendly environment. We've also had 65 expansion projects this year with existing Hoosier companies that chose to deepen their roots and increase their presence here in Indiana. These attractions and expansions are examples of how keeping costs low and predictable is generating economic growth in Indiana.

The evidence shows that Indiana is a state where businesses want to expand and why Indiana is nationally known as a state that works.