Indiana Beverage, Molson Coors debuts new spring drinks sure to quench your thirst

Indiana Beverage, Molson Coors debuts new spring drinks sure to quench your thirst

Warm weather is here to stay, and after a long year of social distancing and staying indoors, it is time to kick back and relax with a refreshing drink in hand. Indiana Beverage is preparing for a thirst-quenching spring and summer with their rollout of new drinks and variety packs from brands Vizzy Hard Seltzer and Topo Chico.

“Drink trends have changed a lot over the years, but no matter what the trend is, several things remain true,” said Rodney Lind, Distributor Sales Executive for Molson Coors. “Come spring and summer, everyone is looking for something refreshing to drink in the sun—bonus points for being lower calorie.”

With the rise in popularity of hard seltzers and hard lemonades over the years, consumers are always on the lookout for variety and new flavor profiles that keep them excited with these light, delicious drinks.

“People love trying new things, so breweries are always looking to innovate and offer new exciting styles and flavors, whether we’re talking beer or seltzers,” Lind said.

vizzy #2

The Vizzy Variety Pack #2 and Vizzy Lemonade Hard Seltzer Variety Pack offer that exact innovation. Following a very successful first year with Vizzy Variety Pack #1, Indiana Beverage and Molson Coors are releasing a second variety pack of Vizzy as well as a new lemonade variety pack. A hard seltzer made with antioxidant Vitamin C from the superfruit, acerola cherry, Vizzy seltzers are only 100 calories, have a 5% ABV, are certified gluten-free, and are perfect for those looking for a lighter option than beer.

“The Vizzy Variety Pack #2 comes with the flavors Papaya Passionfruit, Blackberry Lemon, Watermelon Strawberry, and Raspberry Tangerine. In the Vizzy Lemonade Hard Seltzer Variety Pack, you’ll find the flavors Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, and Watermelon Lemonade,” Lind said.

The Topo Chico Hard Seltzer Variety Pack signals a new era for the Topo Chico brand as it builds upon its legacy of delicious non-alcoholic drinks.

“The Topo Chico Hard Seltzer is inspired by the legendary taste of Topo Chico Mineral Water,” Lind said. “The Strawberry Guava, Tangy Lemon Lime, Exotic Pineapple, and Tropical Mango flavors and its distinctive mineral blend are unique to the category and offer great taste and effervescence,” Lind said.

topo chico

Topo Chico Hard Seltzers are also only 100 calories, have a 4.7% ABV, and are only 2 g of sugar and 2 g of carbs in each 12 oz can.

“Honestly, all of these drinks are great year-round, but during the warmer months, there’s nothing like taking that first sip of these refreshing and flavorful seltzers,” he continued. “The flavor combinations in both Vizzy Variety Pack #1 and #2 pair really well together for a balanced seltzer with clean, natural fruit flavor that is fantastic in the heat.”

“I’ve always felt that lemonade and summer go hand-in-hand, and the lemonade flavors in the Vizzy Lemonade Pack are spot on,” Lind continued. “Just the right amount of sweetness and carbonation for a perfectly refreshing summer drink. And with legendary effervescence of Topo Chico paired with the tropical flavors in Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, all of these drinks are great, light options so you can have a couple guilt-free.”

When paring the Vizzy Variety and Lemonade Packs with food, Lind recommends sticking to the classics and fan-favorites.

vizzy lemonade

“I would pair any of the Vizzy flavors with typical BBQ foods: burgers, sausages, pulled pork, or brisket. These summer classics have a higher fat content, and that fat sticks to your tongue after each bite,” he said. “The carbonation and sweeter flavors in Vizzy can cut through the fat that sticks on your tongue and act as a palate cleanser, making the subsequent bites as flavorful as the first.”

For the Topo Chico Hard Seltzer, seek out other tropical flavors that will build on the already existing flavor profiles.

“Obviously Mexican food would be great here,” Lind said. “Something with a lot of lime, like a bright ceviche. Fish or seafood tacos with a mango salsa would be another great seasonal option.”

Whatever your preference, the Vizzy Variety Pack #2, Vizzy Lemonade Hard Seltzer Variety Pack, and Topo Chico Hard Seltzer are sure to make your spring and summer months invigorating with each sip.

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