Indiana Beverage introduces the all-new Coors Pure to beer enthusiasts and first-time drinkers alike

Indiana Beverage introduces the all-new Coors Pure to beer enthusiasts and first-time drinkers alike

Molson Coors Beverage Company has excited beer lovers of all kinds for decades, and the announcement of their new, organic brew, Coors Pure, has been no different. Debuted on March 1, the 92-calorie, zero sugar drink will be the first USDA organic beer for Molson Coors. Molson Coors has a long-standing history of creating quality, savory products with their trusted label, and Indiana Beverage is eager to distribute yet another great product from the company. 

Whether you drink beer simply during social situations, grab one to unwind and relax, or are newly of-age and looking for something to try, Coors Pure is designed to satisfy all types of drinkers. As they step into the industry of organic products, Molson Coors Distributor Sales Executive Rodney Lind explained how Coors Pure stands out from other fan favorites of the brand.

“Currently customers can enjoy the original Coors Banquet, chill with a cold Coors Light, or help restore American rivers while enjoying the world’s most refreshing hard seltzer in Coors Seltzer,” said Lind. “What Coors Pure adds to this already great line-up is an even lower calorie count at 92 calories, while also being USDA Certified Organic and having a clean ingredient list for consumers who are exploring organic options in beer.”

A drink for nearly every beer drinker and every occasion, Coors Pure has an exciting, better-for-you charm with its low calories, zero sugar, and organic characteristics. The drink itself also allows you to enjoy a guilt-free drink to unwind and relax, rounding-out the perfect healthy lifestyle.

In terms of flavor, the drink is a crisp, light beer that appropriately balances sweet and bitter tastes and introduces slight notes of citrus. Its clean, organic ingredients provide an all-around refreshing aftertaste.

“If you’re really dissecting the flavor, you’ll get a slight sweetness from the malt and a touch of bitterness from the hops that is balanced out nicely with some refreshing carbonation, finishing out with a crisp and clean mouthfeel,” said Lind.

The ingredient list, which includes only organic barley, organic hops, and water, combines some of Coors’ best flavors to create a refreshing, clean taste. Offering an exciting new drink to those particularly interested in organic products, Coors Pure is aimed at being the product chosen by those who are interested in health and wellness in all areas of their lives, including their alcoholic beverages.

“I think on taste alone, this is a beer that any of our legal drinking age consumers can look forward to,” said Lind. “I think the audience that will most be looking forward to Coors Pure are the people that want to embrace health and wellness while finding balance in rewarding themselves with a beer.”

No matter the occasion, Lind wants people to understand that your local beer aisle just got a bit sweeter with the addition of Coors Pure.

“I want people that prioritize simple, organic ingredients in their diet to know that if they like to socialize with a drink or two, there is now a great option for them in their beer aisle that didn’t exist before,” said Lind. “To the broader audience, I would want them to try Coors Pure for themselves. The liquid is really crisp and refreshing, and the healthier attributes are icing on the cake.”

With all things considered, you may be wondering where you can grab a Coors Pure to try for yourself. The drink was added to shelves on March 1, and the product can be purchased as a 12-pack can, 24-pack can, or 24oz single can anywhere you find your beer products. The new organic beer can also be found at restaurants and bars locally.

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