Incoming Freshmen Get Warm Welcome at Lake Central ‘Rush’

Incoming Freshmen Get Warm Welcome at Lake Central ‘Rush’

The beginning of a new school year is a particularly stressful time for anyone, but even more so for someone coming into their first year of High School.

Along with being a fresh face in a big new world, there’s additional pressures of transitioning into your teenage years while trying to meet new people and friends, and then there’s the rigors of school itself: Bigger schools, passing periods, new teachers etc.

Lake Central High School eases the transition for incoming Freshmen by inviting them to a “Freshman Rush” which welcomes new students to their new home. Opening ceremonies were held in the sparkling auditorium.

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Mr. Sean Begley, Principal, greeted the incoming freshmen. Caleb Beasley of LCTV and Stefan Krajisnick and Olivia Oster of Publications welcomed the freshmen and told them about the organizations.

"We want to make you feel comfortable in a 75,000 square foot building,” Begley told the crowd.

In addition to the warm welcome, a group photo to remember the day was taken outside the bleachers and a scavenger hunt was held on Snapchat and Instagram to win cool prizes and encourage people to follow.

After the team building exercises, students split off in separate groups and toured the school and had lunch. Principals and faculty were also there and welcomed the freshmen.

And the new students took full advantage of the day, as well.

“Today made me a lot more excited to find my classes,” said incoming Freshman, Yianna Kouros. “I look forward to meeting people and all the new experiences.”

While the new students started their day unsure of where to go, who to talk to, and what to do, they left with smiles on their faces knowing the class of 2020 bonded today as a family.