IEDC Pipeline News for July 11, 2013

IEDCLogoYou probably already know that the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) does a fantastic job helping new start-ups turn great ideas into growing Hoosier businesses. What you might not realize is that the ISBDC is an incredible resource for second-stage and mature companies to reach their full potential. In fact, 165 companies already in operation utilized ISBDC consulting and resource-connection services last year, which is more than three companies per week that the ISBDC helped make the shift to the next phase in their development. [Learn More]

The bottom line is that the ISBDC has become a hugely effective organization at growing Indiana businesses, regardless of their development stage, precisely because of their ever-growing network of satisfied clients they've worked with over the past 28 years. That network of analysts, investors, consultants, and most importantly, successful Indiana businesses are all part of the ISBDC family of constituents, all working together to cultivate not just their own specific interests, but the overall health and vitality of the Hoosier economy.

If you haven't benefitted directly from ISBDC services or recommended them to a colleague, you should. Their efforts have helped to make Indiana one of the most sought after states for business by constantly infusing new ideas and new business relationships into our economy. It's a classic example of Hoosiers working together to leverage individual successes into shared opportunity, and yet another reason Indiana is a state that works for business.

Victor Smith Indiana Secretary of Commerce

Eric Doden IEDC President