Ideas In Motion Media Gathers the Community Together For Biz in the Backyard

Ideas In Motion Media Gathers the Community Together For Biz in the Backyard
By: Colleen Hannon Last Updated: June 24, 2016

Ideas in Motion Media held their Annual Biz in the Backyard this week to meet up with friends and partners for an afternoon of fun in the sun. Guests got to see where all the magic happens in the new Camp Life good news log cabin, including the Great News Studio.

Partners and friends were invited to hang out, play backyard games, enjoy some good food and beer and take a dive down an 18 foot inflatable slide.

Along with some of Ideas in Motion Media’s amazing partners, Lakeshore Paws also came out to showcase some of their adoptable loveable dogs to socialize. What could be better than a backyard hang out with good friends, beer and dogs to pet.

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The Lakeshore Paws were very happy to be in attendance. “I think it’s really awesome. We really appreciate it. Any event, not just monetary wise, but also gives the dog exposure is so important.” said Lakeshore Paws Volunteer, Sonja Richter.

Karl Lovro, another Lakeshore Paws Volunteer, says that coming to events like these helps give their shyer dogs more exposure. “Coming to these events showcases guys like this that, he’s not exactly one of the premiere show dogs over there, he’s kind of shy. He doesn’t just walk up to people.”

Lovro said that at two other previous events that the Life Network covered, a dog at each event that was photographed was adopted within days of being posted online on the Life Networks. He hopes the same will happen for the dogs they brought today and so do we.

Many partners brought delicious food for participates to enjoy, including Culver’s who brought by their deep friers to toast up some of their famous cheese curds and a cooler filled with their delicious custard. There was more than enough to go around.

Marilyn Christman of Culver’s came out for the event to network and find new ways to get involved with the community. “Finding organizations to partner with, this is a good platform for that and just meeting people within the community.”

The Grounds Guys also came out to party on the lawn that they always keep in tip top shape for Camp Life. The landscaping company is new to the area and came to the event to network with other business owners near by.

“This is great because we get to meet other local business owners,” said Nathan Bray, Owner of the Grounds Guys. “For us being new, it makes me more confident meeting other people, you know, to be more established and get a shot at showing who we are.”

Debbie Odgen, Zao Island’s Director of Sales came out and brought some delicious Zao Island pizzas and breadsticks with her to help feed the hungry crowd. Odgen came out to have a good time and meet some good people. “I’ve met a lot of nice people, contacts. It was definitely worth it.”

Adam Howland of Sauers Buick-GMC of Laporte came out to the event with his wife for a very special delivery. Camp Life’s very own Jenny Craig-Brown purchased a new car from Sauers and it was officially all hers after it rolled in down the Good News driveway and the keys were placed in her hand. It was a very exciting moment that the entire Good Life Network Team was grateful to share with her.

Howland said coming to personally deliver someone’s new car is a great experience compared to normal sales at the dealership. “It’s more of a fun experience, especially for the customer, like Jenny.”

Jenny was extremely excited to get her new car and has already given “her” red beauty a name: Vivian. “I think it’s the best car I’ve ever had in my whole life!” Jenny exclaimed.

Howland also came to join in on all the fun and conversation. “It’s really a chance to network and meet other local business owners and other members of the community that are all part of the same mission and that’s really to service the community. And I think it’s just a fun thing you guys do and I’m excited to meet everybody.”

Denise Carpenter of NorthShore Health Centers came out to the event to network and have a good time. “We love it. We came last year too. Had a really good time and it’s an amazing way to connect with a bunch of our partners as well.”

Candice Arvin of Jacob’s Ladder came out after Carpenter recommended it to her and after hearing about Ideas in Motion Media’s new set up in the log cabin. “Being a nonprofit organization it’s always good to stand in front of people and network and make those connections because we depend on the support of our community to make our mission possible.”

Bob Wszolek and Justin Lattz of Steindler Signs came out to enjoy some beer, food and hang out with the Life Team. They even took a turn down the 18 foot slide.

“I love the ValpoLife crew and they make us be able to be ourselves and still be professional at the same time.” said Wszolek.

“They’re able to market us in a way that makes it more profitable,” Lattz said. “You guys treat us very well and always have a positive outlook on the things that we do.”

Managing Editor at IIMM, Steve Neville had a fantastic time giving tours of the new location and hanging out with friends. “It was great to have an evening to connect with all our friends and show off the awesomeness that is Camp Life.”

Founder of Camp Life, Chris Mahlmann hosts the event to bring together partners and good friends to share the good life. “We have always wanted our partners and friends to feel part of this life thing we created and this event could not be more in touch with just that. The good news cabin on the hill is where we have camped to keep growing the impact and it is awesome having friends here with us.”

Here at Camp Life we also love and appreciate all of our partners and friends in the community. We would like to take a moment to thank them all for coming out and having a good time with us. We are so grateful to be able to spread the good news about all of the businesses and people in our community.