“I’m Not Done with My Journey but I Like Where I’m Headed!”

josh-waytovichLeading a healthy lifestyle stems from different reasons for many people. It could be for an upcoming event like a gala or wedding, it could be to feel better about one's body, it could be for health reasons, or a multitude of other factors.

For Joshua Waytovich, it was for the sake of his health.

After experiencing different health issues over the years and other life changes, Joshua decided that he needed to change his life for the better. He stopped drinking, joined a gym, and started playing flag football.

One day a friend asked Joshua if he wanted to run a Spartan Race. Unsure of what the race was about, he looked it up and decided that this was exactly what he needed in his life. He also found out that his cousin Joe was running the race, too.

Active in NWI Graphic"My cousin Joe and I are competitive towards each other but yet we push each other to be better. We are on the same journey. We've taken different paths but yet we always cross the same finish line," Joshua said.

As this was his first race, Joshua wasn't sure what to expect. But at the finish line where Joe was waiting for him, Joshua realized that he was hooked.

Joshua joined the Corn Fed Spartans and hasn't looked back. He's quite happy to live in a state where there is so much to do.

"There's so much you can do all year. In the warm months there's a race to run every weekend. Winter you can go sledding or shovel snow. Both are a good workout," Joshua said.

In 2013, Joshua became the father of a baby girl, and he dedicated the changing of his life to her.

"The biggest part of me staying active is my daughter. I want to be around for her as long as I can," Joshua said.

"My advice for someone on the fence is: patience. It's not going to happen overnight. But by not giving up, it will happen," Joshua ended.