How You Can Get Involved with Community

CommunityArticleImage is a new community-based website, focusing on an exclusively-positive view on the people, places, organizations, and businesses serving Northwest Indiana. We aim to be the central hub for all of the great information out there, and tell all of the great stories of the community in the Region.

We are a small staff, and while we will be out at events and gatherings, we can’t be everywhere. We are always looking for folks to submit their content to us, no matter what the event. If you are involved with something that positively affects the community, we want to know about it!

  • If you are connected with a school, let us know what the students are doing! Share with the community the special events happening at the school, projects the students are working on, or what a particular group is involved with. The students are the future of Northwest Indiana and letting the community know about them on is a great way to let the community recognize the young leaders.
  • If you are a non-profit organization, allow us to inform the community about the services you are providing, what you are doing to better the lives of the people of Northwest Indiana.
  • If you are a church, tell us about your worship services. Send us your sermon notes or monthly newsletter. Let us post your upcoming events.
  • If you have information about the history of Northwest Indiana or any of the communities within the Region, share it with the rest of the community! Tell the stories of the how these cities came to be so others can find out how great the cities got their start and how much they have grown.
  • If there is anything you want to see on the site that we are missing, let the Community editor know. As long as it is positive and promotes the good in Northwest Indiana, we’ll share it with the rest of the community.


If you don’t fancy yourself a writer but still want to contribute, email or call in something short, brief, or cryptic and we’ll turn that into a story on the site for you. We want to spread the word about anything and everything positive happening in Northwest Indiana!