Horizon Bank Offers Business Loans to Meet Deadlines, Ensure Customer Loyalty

horizon-building-laporteWhen customers need a product or service with faster-than-ever turnaround times, successful businesses have to be positioned to deliver according to customers’ needs and expectations. When you ask your customer the common question, “when do you need it,” and they answer “yesterday,” if you make them wait, they will seek out the supplier that can deliver on time…all the time.

“The building block to a successful business is nurturing lasting relationships with customers,” commented Tom Edwards, President and Senior Credit Officer, Horizon Bank. “And the best way to instill fierce customer loyalty is to take a proactive role in understanding your customers’ business needs so that you can anticipate their requirements and meet their deadlines.”

According to Edwards, the consistent ability to meet deadlines means that some companies might need to “ramp up” their operations. Whether they need more space, more equipment, or a larger pool of high-caliber, experienced employees to accomplish this goal, what owners need is the working capital to make a significant investment in their business to be more responsive to customers’ demands and deadlines. Before “crunch time” occurs, it’s best to be prepared by talking with a business loan professional at Horizon Bank.

Horizon Bank, an experienced leader in community banking, offers the solutions and the financing to help businesses meet the demands of today while anticipating a situation where they may need to make another business investment down the road.

“The ability to sustain a loyal customer base is directly proportionate to maintaining a healthy bottom line…a positive situation that any business would welcome,” said Edwards. “However, business owners should be setting their sites on the long-term financial needs of the business so that they can continue to deliver.

Edwards explained that a business with strong financials, secure contracts that guarantee continued work with an existing client, or future projects with new clients are excellent credentials to apply for a loan that goes beyond the immediate financing needs of a business. In addition, a good track record of repaying former loans shows a lender that this is a solid business that demonstrates smart fiscal responsibility to repay future loans according to schedule.

“Horizon specializes in financing strategies to help business owners meet their immediate needs while making extra capital available should they need more upgrades or enhancements in the future,” stated Edwards. “Oftentimes, owners apply for a smaller loan amount for fear that they could get in a situation in which they’re overextended. While this situation may occur, our team of professional loan officers has the experienced to closely analyze the current financials and the business plan to make sure that the loan fits the need – now and into the future.”

For more information on a business loan to help you deliver on time, all the time, visit any of Horizon Bank’s local offices or contact Horizon Bank at (219) 873-2640 or toll-free at (888) 873-2640 during normal business hours. Additional information is available by visiting horizonbank.com.