Hop Valley Brewing Co. brings new approach to IPAs and craft beer to Northwest Indiana

Hop Valley Brewing Co. brings new approach to IPAs and craft beer to Northwest Indiana

With warmer weather finally here to stay, so is finding that perfect drink to cool off with on a warm spring or summer night. Built on the foundation of being refreshingly different, Hops Valley Brewing Co. has a fresh take on classic craft beer.

Originally founded in Oregon in 2009, Hop Valley Brewing was self-distributed in only 10 states up and down the West Coast. A national launch in partnership with Molson Coors has brought the company into the spotlight here in Northwest Indiana, where its approachable take on IPAs is something the region hasn’t seen before.

“This is actually the beginning of Hop Valley’s history in Northwest Indiana, or Indiana and the Midwest period,” said Rodney Lind of Molson Coors. “Hop Valley brings some very approachable IPAs to Northwest Indiana with our “Stash” series of beers.”

Made with Cryo Hops in the brewing process, the Stash series provides an easier, smoother experience of drinking an IPA, compared to other traditional IPAs that have bitter, astringent flavors.

“The hops are harvested, dried, and then cryogenically frozen in a nitrogen bath,” Lind said. “This makes the hops brittle and allows the hop to be shattered so the resins and oils can be extracted for use in the brewing process without the bulk of the vegetative material, creating juicy flavors and tropical aromas that drinkers want.”

Bubble Stash, the first Cryo Hops beer, is made with Mosaic Cryo hops and offers natural blueberry and tangerine aromas that are well balanced by a touch of dark resin from the hops.

“When I think about pairing Bubble Stash with food, I think being outdoors at a baseball game or a backyard BBQ, eating hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, and salads,” Lind said.

Bubble Stash will be available in a 6-pack and can be found in the Stash Variety 12-pack. Other unique flavors found in the Stash Variety Pack are Stash Panda, Mago Stash, and the Cryo Stash.

Stash Panda

“Stash Panda is our Hazy IPA featuring Citra Cryo Hops, which, along with real grapefruit peel we use in the brewing process, gives it a really nice tropical fruit and citrus flavor and aroma,” Lind said. “These flavors pair nicely with a more delicate food like chicken or seafood. I think it would work especially well with something like white fish tacos.”

“Mango Stash is a Mago IPA partnered with Mosaic Cryo Hops and mango puree. The mango compliments the natural stone fruit flavors and characteristics of the Mosaic Cryo Hops giving this IPA a real fruit forward flavor. The mango flavors in Mango Stash go perfectly with many Mexican dishes, I would recommend a nice ceviche,” he continued. “Then finally, our Cyro Stash is an Imperial IPA, one that is incredibly sessionable and smooth.

The Cryo Stash balances candied cracker maltiness with passion fruit, mango, and orange hop flavors, making it a flavorful beer that pairs perfectly with foods with bold flavors, like smoked BBQ, grilled meats, prime rib, and strong cheeses like blue cheese and sharp cheddars.

“While only those four will be coming to Northwest Indiana, Hop Valley does have more IPAs and a couple of Pale Ales and Blondes to offer if you find yourself on the West Coast in Hop Valley’s home market,” Lind said. “Hop Valley also has two brew pubs in Oregon; One in Eugene, and one Springfield where drinkers can try all of Hop Valley’s beers as well as some great food options.”

For more information about Hop Valley Brewing Co., visit their website at https://www.hopvalleybrewing.com/. For more information about Indiana Beverage, visit their website at https://www.indianabev.com/.