Hogan Consulting Group Hosts Chamber Luncheon

The Westchester Library Service Center held the Duneland Chamber of Commerce's monthly luncheon. Hogan Consulting Group was the sponsor for the May luncheon and it gave everyone there a chance to find out more about what this company actually does.

Established in June of 2004 by Michael and Rebecca Hogan, Hogan Consulting Group will be celebrating their 10th birthday very soon. They are a strategic IT consulting company that help businesses by providing virtualization solutions and cloud strategies that help improve business agility and employee productivity. Companies that use different virtualization techniques like clustering, partitioning, and workload management to turn groups of servers into reusable resource conglomerates are better able to respond to the changing demands that their businesses put on those resources.

Hogan Consulting Group has offices all over the Midwest with the headquarters located right in Chesterton, IN by Coffee Creek Watershed Preserve.

"We do things that change businesses," Hogan Consulting Group President Michael Hogan said. "We develop solutions that allow people to work from their iPad anywhere in the world or give people a remote service sales force or applications. We focus our datacenter around virtualization that helps people save tons of money with consolidation. We help people stay connected, help businesses become more efficient and help them do things that they never really thought they could do."

 This luncheon was a bit different than others because after lunch, which was catered by El Salto Mexican Restaurant, Chamber members will had one minute to give his or her best elevator pitch to everyone who gathered there. Leave it to the Duneland Chamber to keep it fresh with their events while still being able to provide ways for businesses to connect with their community and with each other. This is a perfect segway for the Hogan Consulting Group because they are looking to make meaningful and long-lasting connections with the community.

"We're trying to get more involved int he community and we have a lot of initiatives going. Mike is a member of the Chamber Board of Directors and so this seemed like a great way to get involved with people and start some conversations,"Karl Tatgenhorst, Director of Hogan Cloud Services, a division of Hogan Consulting Group said. "There are a lot of great people here today and we learned a lot about businesses that I hadn't seen in the community before."

Hogan Cloud Services can help businesses move to the cloud to help save funds that can be utilized in other areas of the company. Their cloud service experts are able to move applications and data to their cloud data center over their secure network. The cloud data center is constantly monitored and it has top-knotch protection so any information stored there remains quite safe.

Do you want to know more about the Hogan Consulting Group and the services that they offer? They have a large web presence. Visit their website, find them on Facebook and Google+, follow them on Twitter, and check them out on Linkedin!

To find out how you can be involved in the great events that the Duneland Chamber of Commerce puts on, call them at 219-926-5513 or click here!