Hobart’s golf cart guidelines protect citizens

Hobart’s golf cart guidelines protect citizens

In June of 2021, Hobart began registering all recreational golf carts for use on municipal roads. Although the original ordinance was signed in 2017, updates addressed new challenges. 

Golf carts are a core part of Hobart’s community. They are used for fun in neighborhoods to drive children to and from houses and are part of some beloved celebrations. In 2021, Hobart invited golf cart owners to participate in a Halloween Parade. Participants dressed in costumes and decorated their carts with fake cobwebs.

A golf cart user must show proof of insurance and a valid driver’s license to register, and a golf cart can only be used within Hobart once it has been registered. The insurance must include on-road protections. Then, they must submit a $25.00 registration fee to the city along with their application. 

Registration requires a vehicle inspection to be completed by a Hobart Police officer. Aside from golf carts, these vehicle inspections also apply to snowmobiles and motorized bicycles.

Alongside registration, the ordinance also created new laws that apply to golf carts. All parts of the new ordinance apply to commercial golf carts along with those that are only for recreational use. 

Under Hobart’s Ordinance, golf cart drivers must have a valid license and must be over the age of 18. This limits the possibility of accidents. Mayor of Hobart Brian Snedecor specifically worried about children driving after dusk in low visibility before the ordinance was enforced.

Golf carts cannot be operated on sidewalks or bike paths and cannot drive on a roadway that has a speed limit above 30 miles per hour. In Indiana, golf carts are not to be driven on state roads.

In many ways, regular rules of the road apply to golf carts. Golf cart drivers must not drive erratically and must maintain standard traffic patterns. A fine or punishment may be incurred if the driver breaks the law, such as driving over the posted speed limit.

All laws that apply to golf carts exist for public safety and the safety of golf cart passengers. While all pieces of the ordinance are important, the requirement for headlights 30 minutes before dawn and after dusk is a key way to protect friends and family. If a driver cannot see a golf cart on the road, the possibility of an accident greatly increases.

Mayor Snedecor is proud to bring these new rules, especially as electric golf carts become a climate-friendly alternative. Hobart’s golf cart ordinance will continue to protect citizens and be looked at as a model in the Region.

To learn more about the City of Hobart, visit www.cityofhobart.org

If you are interested in more specific details on the City of Hobart’s golf cart ordinance, visit the link here. To fill out a golf cart application, visit the link here.