#1StudentNWI: Hobart High School athletes and club members are working hard in the midst of COVID-19

#1StudentNWI: Hobart High School athletes and club members are working hard in the midst of COVID-19

Brickie football players are clearing a path to make it to state finals this year. Last week, they beat the Lowell Red Devils in the Sectional Finals. This team has worked hard despite all the craziness that COVID-19 had thrust onto them. The Brickies are making light of this stressful situation. 

Key Club is all about giving back. This past month, Key Club members partnered with Kiwanis Club to donate food to the food pantry. Members from Key Club handed out flyers to houses around their neighborhoods a week before their personalized collection date. There was a great turnout with lots of food to donate to families in need. If your neighborhood did not have a food drive or you missed it, the food pantry is always taking donations, especially during the holiday season.

Halloween was the light in the storm that we were waiting for. At the Early Learning Center, there was a Trunk or Treat. COVID-19 restrictions were in place: masks were needed, gloves were required for people passing out candy, only 5 people were permitted per car/lot, and to participate, one needed to schedule a time slot in advance so everyone could stay socially distanced and safe. There was a great turnout and many creative costumes. The opportunity for people to socialize while staying healthy boosted people’s spirits in the midst of the pandemic, which has caused many to struggle with mental health issues.

The Yellow Tulip Project is trying to erase the stigma behind mental health. Hobart High School’s Bring Change To Mind Club participated in trying to normalize mental health issues. The club partnered with Key Club to plant yellow tulip bulbs around the middle and high school campuses so that once spring arrives, the tulips will be in full bloom. This is encouraging people to talk about their struggles and stop suppressing the stigma around mental health. 

Student spotlight

Lexi Griffith is an excellent student at Hobart High School. Griffith’s mission is to make Hobart High School a better place for all her classmates. This year, she has gone out of her way to experience all that Hobart has to offer. Griffith is a part of Key Club, LGBTQ+ Support Club, and Writer’s Club. Griffith is an avid and extraordinary writer. She likes to write on her own, share her pieces, and uplift anyone else sharing in Writer’s Club. Her favorite genres of writing are journalism, stories, quotes, and poems. Since writing is a passion of hers, Griffith likes to add a creative touch to her assignments.

One quote Griffith wrote that she finds encouraging is, “Don’t be afraid to be who you want to be, ignore the negativity, do it anyways. Don’t let others take away what you believe in or what you want to do; it’s your life, your decisions, not anybody else’s. Live it the way you want.”

In addition to writing, Griffith is an active member of both the Key Club and LBGTQ+ Support Club, where she goes above and beyond to help others. She described the LGBTQ+ support club as a way to support others through their problems and struggles. Even though it is her first year in Key Club, and she is working hard with volunteering, and it is paying off. She has volunteered at the football concession stand, participated in the Yellow Tulip Project, and put up many inspirational messages on post-it notes for the school to read. Through all these activities, Griffith likes to give back and spread positivity.

What’s next for Hobart?

Coming up in Hobart, there is the regional football game where Hobart will be playing against the Logansport Berries at Logansport High School. Hobart students have high hopes for the Brickie football players this upcoming Friday.

Additionally, for Hobart sports, there is an upcoming girl’s basketball game against River Forest on November 21 starting at 5:30 p.m. in the main gym. The Lady Brickies are 1-2 for the season, and they are very excited for their upcoming games.

The Hobart Swim team is coming in with a splash, with their first meet on November 19 at 6 p.m. The Hobart Brickies will be facing the Portage Indians in the first meet at the brand new pool.

Hobart’s HOSA chapter is about learning about different degrees in the medical field. This month, they are having a guest speaker talk about being an occupational therapist. Every month, HOSA has a new guest speaker from all different types of specialties in the healthcare field. 

Key Club is having an event this coming Wednesday to lift the spirits of a fellow Kiwanis member, Larry Barrasas, and family. Barrasas was Hobart’s club advisor for many years. This year, he had to take a step back due to personal reasons, but Key Club wants to show their support and love towards him and his family. Members of Key Club will have a drive-by parade after school on Wednesday, November 11. 

Teacher Spotlight

Mr. Moss not only participated in the incredibly successful Key Clubbers Got Talent event, but he is also an educator and softball coach at Hobart High School. Moss has taught in Hobart for five years, spending three of those years at Hobart High School. Teaching during a pandemic has been challenging for teachers across the nation. It has been difficult for teachers to adapt, but Moss feels it is getting easier as time progresses. At first, he did not know if he was teaching students on Zoom or if he was teaching students in the classroom. Moss has taught both ways and is making classes engaging for both students online and at school. 

Moss is not only known for being a history and math teacher, but he is also known for being the Hobart Girls Softball Coach. Moss has high hopes for this upcoming softball season.