Hobart Community Foundation Hosts 28th Annual Mama Mia Spaghetti Dinner

The Hobart Community Foundation hosted their 28th Annual Mama Mia Spaghetti Dinner on Thursday, February 26, 2015, and the wondrous smells of the delicious pasta were enough to leave anyone feeling full! Held at the Saint Bridget's Parish Center, tables filled rapidly and stayed packed throughout the evening as people from all over the community filed in to enjoy the spaghetti.

What began as a simple local project to clean up the lakefront in Hobart has now transformed into the Hobart Industrial Economic Development Corporation (HIEDC), and more recently to the amazing Hobart Community Foundation, which is sponsored by HIEDC.

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They have worked to raise funds for grants designed to aid anyone in need throughout the community for years, expanding far from the original lakefront initiative. From Saint Bridget's programs to the Police Department, if funds are needed, the foundation does whatever they can to work with those who are in need of help. The Mama Mia Spaghetti Dinner is one of two major fundraisers they host throughout the year, with the other being the Dam Duck Race. The generosity of those who help make the dinner happen year after year is what really stands out to HIEDC member Leni Vinzant.

"With half of our pasta coming from Brentwood Assisted Living and half coming from Miller's Merry Manor, the generosity is amazing,” explained Vinzant. “We receive all this pasta, then everyone comes together to make these massive vats of sauce, all with the same recipes year after year! It's such a fun thing for the community, and the people keep coming back so we know it tastes great!"

The fun of the evening goes beyond the great tasting pasta, though, and extends to all of the returning participants and amazing volunteers. Jan and Dan Raymond have been attendees for years, and spoke highly of the awesome people who make the dinner possible. "We both were volunteers at the hospital for years, and so many of these people serving are fellow hospital volunteers,” explained Raymond. “The camaraderie with them as well as with everyone who comes to eat is great, and it's just a great cause. The spaghetti definitely isn't bad either, that's an added bonus!"

Any event that is able to satisfy people of any age is sure to be successful, and the Mama Mia Spaghetti dinner is no exception. Smiles, laughter, conversation, and messy faces were found at all tables, and those serving the food or running the raffle were just as enthusiastic. Anyone could agree- after 28 years of the spaghetti dinner, the community can't wait for another 28 years of fantastic dining for a great cause!

Big thanks for the night are extended to the sponsors: Miller's Merry Manor, Brentwood Assisted Living, Law Office of Patricia Rees, Strack and VanTil (Old Ridge Rd. and Rt. 6), St.Mary Medical Center, Councilman John Brezik and the Hobart Democratic Precinct Organization, Raleigh and Judy Enslen, Eckels and Company, Pinnacle Insurance Group of Indiana, Burns Funeral Home, Centier Bank, Carole and Dale Cobble, Eley-Graham Financial Advisory Services, Hobart Lumber, Kellen’s Florist, T's Pizza, Bill and Marian Leets, Evergreen Memorial Park, Councilman Pete Mendez, Connie Mattix, Vinzant Software, Costco Wholesale, and Texas Corral.