Help Jacob’s Ladder Continue to Help the Children

Help Jacob’s Ladder Continue to Help the Children

Since its inception, Jacob’s Ladder has vastly expanded. It started serving just Porter County and now it serves Porter, La Porte, Lake, and even more places.

There aren’t many places like it, which is great because that means that Jacob’s Ladder is unique, but that also makes it tough because people flock to the nonprofit for help and the resources get stretched thin.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Lake County is probably one of the largest areas that Jacob’s Ladder serves. Many children come from this part of Indiana to take part in the activities and therapies that Jacob’s Ladder has and what we can do as citizens to help this continue and prosper is to sponsor a child’s therapy.

$25 covers one therapy session, $100 covers one child’s therapy for a month, $1,200 covers their therapy for a year. This really isn’t that much considering the funds help a child experience life to its fullest potential.

Aquatics Therapy, the First Steps program, JL Academy, Lights Up Sound Down, their Respite Program, and other services help kids with special needs thrive. Think about it: if you sponsor a child’s therapy, you could be helping him or her get occupational therapy which will help hone fine motor skills, which will in turn help a child to hanging ornaments, opening presents, and zip up a winter coat.

If you want to know more about donating to Jacob’s Ladder contact our executive Director, Mariann Frigo, or click this link to get started.

Jacob's Ladder has adopted the Donor Bill of Rights. Click here to read them.