Hebron High School Students learn to fill the community’s “Empty Bowls”

Hebron-High-SchoolHebron High School hosted the Tenth Annual Empty Bowls. The event featured live music, a silent auction, and a soup dinner to benefit the Hebron Country food pantry. All together, the school raised $3000. Hebron Art teacher Karen Jania spearheads this event with her students to bring attention to the threat of homelessness and hunger facing so many in our area. Jania earned an extra $500 by applying for and receiving a service learning grant in the Spreading Smiles Contest to help fund this event.

About the event and its ten year span, Karen Jania explained, "There is a real need for bringing awareness to homelessness and hunger worldwide but also in our own community. We started this ten years ago after I learned about the program through Marcia Carson (now retired), who was an art teacher at Clark High School in Hammond. The event brings an awareness to our students; some who have benefited from the services at the local pantry. All of the art classes, Art Club, members of the community, elementary, and middle school, participate in the bowl-making process.

Each student creates at least two bowls or mugs and understands that while they will receive credit for the hand-building process, they are donating the bowl to the cause.

Whoever selects the bowl at the event, hopefully will take it home and place it somewhere as a reminder of all the "Empty Bowls" in the world and donate to causes that support the homeless and hungry.”

Through this event, Hebron students learn about the needs of their community and ways to serve others by planning this event. Hebron High School student Grant Giacomin says, "We learn compassion by giving back to those less fortunate. In class to help us prepare for the event, we make the bowls, we reach out to the community for donations, and ultimately, we learn a valuable lesson about service.”

To learn more about this event, please contact Karen Jania at 219-996-4771 ex. 126 or janiak@hebronschools.k12.in.us.