Healthy company culture at Korellis Roofing helps Juli Tattersall soar

Healthy company culture at Korellis Roofing helps Juli Tattersall soar
By: Mandy Haack Last Updated: March 25, 2019

“You want to wake up and go to work because you know you can make a difference,” said Juli Tattersall, assistant project manager at Korellis Roofing.

If you can’t tell, Juli loves her job. In fact, it’s her passion. But her dream job didn’t just show up on a silver platter. And, the healthy company culture at Korellis Roofing is why she stays.

After growing up Merrillville and going to high school there, she pursued business management and accounting at Purdue University Northwest in Hammond. However, her plans were soon redirected.

“I didn’t finish college and instead took an opportunity at Korellis Roofing when I was 21,” Tattersall said. “I’ve been growing with the business for the last 10 years.”

Tattersall’s aunt was working in human resources for Korellis at that time and encouraged her to apply for the residential clerk position. Tattersall scored herself an interview and got the job just as the company was taking off.

“I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I took the position. I was helping and sending out proposals, presentation packages, and pushing paperwork,” she said. “It was very fast-paced, but I loved that.”

After a couple months of residential clerk work, Tattersall started learning company software, independently making changes and implementations within the system. Within six months she was scheduling associates and working more as residential coordinator than clerk.

“I coordinated everything - from sending proposals out, to invoicing, to contacting customers personally.”

After three years of strictly residential work, Tattersall evolved into working more with the commercial and industrial side of things.

“I was growing in the business. I stepped up to commercial administrator and left the residential division. In the commercial division, I would follow up on any public work in the area, find the details, determine work for roofing, and decide whether it was work for Korellis to bid on,” Tattersall said. “Everything was stretched out on a larger, more detail-oriented scale.”

Tattersall’s duties transformed as the jobs kept getting bigger while the company grew its commercial division.

“It was a big shift, but the company was growing in that direction regardless. It’s awesome to know I was a part of that growth,” Tattersall said. “As larger projects came in, I realized I liked the change. I knew I could do more. I knew there were more opportunities the company would offer. And I will always believe that.”

The company’s growth, indeed, provided more opportunity for Tattersall to get more experience by taking on more responsibilities, like communicating with general contractors, sending out packages for larger projects, and deciding crucial details. She also manages IT and makes final decisions on the servers, software, technology, and mobile devices. 

“Everyone wears more than one hat. I am a jack of all trades because I’ve been so influenced by my coworkers and experience,” Tattersall said. “The more duties I had, the more I was enabled to learn portions of what the company could be. There was always room for new opportunity.”

Tattersall believes the success behind Korellis is that they are always open to change.

“There is an atmosphere here that you don't get anywhere else. The door is always open for communication. You can say how you feel and it’s heard. It's a positive feeling.”

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