Head to Ford of Valpo To See How You Can Begin Using FordPass in Your Vehicle Today!

Head to Ford of Valpo To See How You Can Begin Using FordPass in Your Vehicle Today!

Getting service done on your vehicle is never much fun. Between remembering when to do it, getting the service scheduled, and then paying for it, it’s a large chunk of time that you can never get back. Routine maintenance is important to the life of your vehicle, though, which is why Ford is making it even easier!

If you’re curious, head to Ford of Valpo and let the friendly staff there tell you all about the FordPass app. The app was designed to help you move through your day in a more efficient manner, allowing you to find Ford dealers, compare prices at gas stations, monitor your vehicle, find parking, and even pay for or reserve parking, all without leaving home. The app even has a way for you to monitor your vehicle’s financing and schedule future payments!

Plus, if your vehicle is compatible with the app, you don’t need to remember when service is due! You can change settings to receive an alert or email, letting you know what needs done. The app also allows you to find a local Ford dealership, schedule the service, and even pay for the service if you choose to. The app makes taking care of routine maintenance on your vehicle a breeze!

One of the other great features of the app is that it allows you to call roadside assistance as well. The app features a tap to call button, meaning help can be there quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time. No one enjoys being stranded with a flat tire and in the event of needing a tow, the app makes it simple to get one without trying to find a local businesses online during a time of stress.

If using the app for practical purposes isn’t enough, grab it for the perks! Through the app, users receive perks for various activities, some as simple as completing their profile. Perks include badges, which are available when you use certain features. Perks are emailed straight to you, so you know how and when to use them!

The app also provides FordGuides for help with any questions you may have while utilizing the app or for help with your vehicle. Chat features allow a text messaging type platform where a representative can quickly answer your questions. You can also utilize a one touch dial to call a FordGuide, if typing isn’t an option when you have a question!

With all these great features, the app is sure to make vehicle maintenance and travel easier. If you’d like to know more, or find a vehicle able to connect with FordPass, head to Ford of Valpo today to speak with their sales staff!