Hammond Police Department Now a Safe “Meetup Spot”

Hammond-Police-Department-Now-a-Safe-Meetup-SpotOver the last few years we have seen an increase in the number of reports for robbery, theft and fraud involving the sales of property involving the internet in our city. Most of these result from social media postings or the use of “for sale” websites. It’s the point when two parties unknown to each other meet to exchange merchandise for cash that things can go seriously wrong.

We recently had an X-box exchange turn into an armed robbery. That case is currently under investigation.

A few years ago an iPhone purchase nearly turned deadly when the providers of the phones, produced weapons and attempted to rob the female driver of a vehicle. The perpetrators shot into the vehicle striking two children inside causing serious injuries as she attempted to escape the robbery.

The Hammond Police department has decided to create a safe exchange area at the Hammond police Department to help prevent Hammond citizens from becoming victims. A green sign at in our east parking lot at 509 Douglas will declare a “Meetup Spot” The sign was donated by the popular OfferUp.com who helps those selling and buying items over the internet connect.

We feel confident that any legitimate buyer or seller would not hesitate to meet at a local police department to carry out a transaction. An easy rule of thumb would be, if one party refuses to meet here, you are at risk, do not meet them anywhere.