Grimmer Middle School makes posters to promote positivity throughout the building

Grimmer Middle School makes posters to promote positivity throughout the building

In celebration of Lake Central Schools Week, teachers from all of the schools within the district did different things to show their appreciation for the district. Grimmer teachers worked to make posters to promote positivity throughout the building.

"Teachers from all the buildings and the Lake Central Teachers Association wanted to show our appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work teachers, staff members, students, and families do for our corporation and its success. Lake Central Teachers Association (LCTA) was a driving force behind Lake Central Schools Week," Mrs. Laura Waszak, Social Studies, said.

Some Lake Central High School NHS members volunteered to aid in making these posters. They also wrote chalk messages on the ground to further the spread of positivity.

"The volunteers brought a unique perspective as a group that has benefitted from teachers from all grade levels. The fact that many volunteers wanted to help their former teachers and visit with us speaks volumes of our influence," Waszak said.

Teachers and students benefitted from these positive messages being around the school. Teachers were made aware of the impact they have on the lives of their students, and students were uplifted and encouraged to be more positive.

"[The posters] have helped to create a positive learning environment. The pandemic has brought such a different, and at times, challenging situation. It is a great reminder to see that all the hard work and dedication teachers and members of the school community around Indiana have brought and continue to bring is recognized throughout the community," Waszak said.