Griffith Police Department Participates in Flag Day during Indiana Bicentennial

Griffith-Flag-Day-2016The Griffith Police Department was honored to participate in a flag ceremony celebrating the 200th anniversary of Indiana Statehood. The Griffith Police Department works in partnership with the Town of Griffith's Volunteer Emergency Service Team (V.E.S.T.). V.E.S.T. provides our community invaluable services to include courtesy patrols (vehicle and bicycle), traffic control, funeral escorts, and other functions during town emergencies.

V.E.S.T. is actively recruiting and will soon begin the exploration of expanding their services to provide other volunteer opportunities to fulfill the identified needs of our community. If you are interested in learning more about V.E.S.T. and possibly donating your time to assist the police department and town, please visit the website link below.

To see the requirements/information document, please click HERE.

To see the VEST application, please click HERE