GreatNews.Life seamlessly transitions to digital newsroom, ramps up positive news production

GreatNews.Life seamlessly transitions to digital newsroom, ramps up positive news production

At GreatNews.Life, teams might be working remotely but they are more connected than ever in this unprecedented time as editors and reporters continue to bring you the best news the Region has to offer.

“As an exclusively online news course, we are perfectly poised to deliver news right to our readers and followers wherever they are, free and without disruption, and regardless of the pandemic,” said Chris Mahlmann, Founder of GreatNews.Life. “We have transitioned our newsroom to 100-percent digital operation and continue to be a resource for hundreds of partners across the Region who have one underlying theme in their messages: We’re in this together.”

Since following Gov. Holcomb’s first order to shelter in place, Mahlmann and teams have produced and published hundreds of positive news stories and videos, including important and practical information for readers and followers from the Illinois to the Michigan state line, and beyond.

Eleven years before The Office’s John Krasinski launched his Some Good News channel on YouTube in the midst of a pandemic, Mahlmann started Valpo.Life in that same vein, building on a dream to share the good when virtually nobody else was doing it. Since then, the media company has grown exponentially to include Portage.Life, NWI.Life, and LaPorteCounty.Life, and all corresponding social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn).

“GreatNews.Life has one mission – to tell positive news stories that uplift our communities and reflect the best in everyone, from individuals, business partners, schools, faith communities, and the arts. Social engagement is teeming right now with people who are hungry for the stories that remind them of what is best in life. We see the good happening all around us, we capture it, and serve it up for anyone who just simply wants to feel better while they’re being informed.”

Mahlmann praised healthcare workers, individuals, businesses, restaurants, and GreatNews.Life partners for generating the news that he considers a privilege to harness and share.

“Telling positive news is easy when we have so many engaged partners doing outstanding work in the community, during a pandemic or otherwise,” he said. “We have witnessed casinos donating pallets of food to those in need, foundations enacting emergency grant funding programs, banks contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars toward COVID-19 causes, churches and faith groups feeding the hungry, talented tailors sewing and donating protective masks, and hospitals literally saving lives every day. We cannot thank our partners, readers, and followers enough for giving us the opportunity to bring these stories to life.”

Those who work for GreatNews.Life have its mission at heart, and are inspired by the work they are privileged to create.

When the pandemic is over, the GreatNews.Life team will convene physically in the office and newsroom again. Until then, readers will notice nothing different, except for a likely increase in the amount of positive news bubbling up from our Region this spring.

To stay engaged with exclusively positive news about the great people and places in your community, visit GreatNews.Life and corresponding social networks often. Read it. Love it. Share it.