GreatNews.Life Founder Chris Mahlmann shares his journey to good in The MentalEdge Podcast interview

GreatNews.Life Founder Chris Mahlmann shares his journey to good in The MentalEdge Podcast interview

If you haven’t heard, we’re all about good news around here, and GreatNews.Life Founder Chris Mahlmann was invited to The MentalEdge Podcast to talk about just that. Joined by hosts Fernando Lopez and Jay Wacasey, Mahlmann was able to share more about his journey that led him to start the exclusively-positive news company, including his supportive family, encouraging friends, welcoming community members, and a hard-working team who helped to make it all possible.

As shared on The MentalEdge Podcast Facebook page, Mahlmann is, “a gifted visionary, husband, and father. He’s also the man behind the positive online community GreatNews.Life.”

The episode focused on the reason Mahlmann started GreatNews.Life by diving deeper into the importance of positive news amongst a sea of negativity. Mahlmann discussed with Lopez and Wacasey how most all people would agree they’d prefer to listen to uplifting stories about what’s happening in their communities, including parades, sporting events, business developments, and special people and places, rather than the constant stream of negative news that fills our phone and TV screens.

You can click here to listen to the podcast interview that details the good news of Mahlmann’s life that sparked where GreatNews.Life is today. The interview also features a rapid question-answer section at the end to get to know Mahlmann even more.

To see the video version of the interview and see the comradery between the three, you can view it here.

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