Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine partners with local experts for strong continuum of care

Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine partners with local experts for strong continuum of care
By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: November 13, 2019

Even with nearly 20 years of experience using state-of-the-art technology, Great Lakes Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, PC, is committed to partnering with other local experts to provide excellent care to patients. Such is the case regarding their work with Center for Orthotic & Prosthetic Excellence (COPE). Together, the organizations are transforming lives for the better in Northwest Indiana.

While Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine provides leading-edge medical care to patients who need joint replacement or other musculoskeletal care, COPE provides an important continuum of care, offering comprehensive orthotics and prosthetics that allow patients to live without limitations. 

“We’re able to better provide for our patients and give their lives back to them,” said Brian Steinberg, CO, LOC, president and founder of COPE. “The partnership with Great Lakes Orthopedics is allowing us to collaborate to define a personalized care plan for our patients.”

After leaving his practice in Niles, Mich. in 2007, Steinberg wanted to return to his home in Northwest Indiana. While looking for a location for his practice, Steinberg found the ideal spot in St. John in a space above the Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine office. It was during a conversation with Dr. Keith Pitchford that a life-changing partnership was formed.

Steinberg said the value of joining forces with Great Lakes Orthopedics is their dedication to providing direct physician-to-patient orthopedic care and a smooth continuum-of-care model.

“Being able to share expertise and discuss a plan of care for patients means we have devised a model similar to the best clinics around the globe, such as the Mayo Clinic,” Steinberg said.

When patients at Great Lakes Orthopedics & Sports Medicine need orthotic or prosthetic care, physicians there refer to offices such as COPE, where Steinberg and his expert team start with an individualized plan.

“First, we evaluate the patient’s needs, find out what their lifestyle is like (activity level, line of work, etc.), then, we create an orthosis that meets those needs,” Steinberg said.

For example, if a patient has arthritis in one knee and one side is collapsed more, causing bone-on-bone pain, COPE engineers a specific knee orthosis that realigns that knee, preventing pain and improving mobility for the patient.

“I have a patient who almost required the use of a walker and had a very difficult time getting around with severe knee pain. With Dr. Pitchford’s team expertise and our combination of bracing, we were able to get that patient back to their everyday life,” he added. 

Over the last decade or so, Steinberg said, technology has propelled medical care to new heights. Technological advances in materials are allowing COPE to make prosthetics that can mimic a patient’s leg and bioelectric arms that can help patients who have lost function of their arms and hands. 

For people with spinal cord injuries, the practice can engineer an exoskeletal device that essentially acts as a skeleton outside the body, providing support so patients can walk again. Patients can go from sitting to standing even though they have no feelings below their waste.

“To be able to provide this kind of extraordinary care to patients for their overall health is amazing,” Steinberg said. 
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