Grab a Spot and Support Lakeshore PAWS by Parking at Vale Park Animal Hospital on the 4th of July!

Grab a Spot and Support Lakeshore PAWS by Parking at Vale Park Animal Hospital on the 4th of July!

You can grab a spot at the Valparaiso 4th of July celebration and support a charity all at once by parking at Vale Park Animal Hospital!

As of Friday, June 23 just 11 days before the annual 4th of July Fireworks showing in Valpo, only 30 parking spots remain at Vale Park Animal Hospital.

If you have not heard yet, Valpo parks changed the location of the 4th of July Fireworks celebration. It will now be in the open field north of the Post office at Valparaiso Street and Cumberland Drive.

The event will begin at 6:30 p.m. with the light show starting once night falls and is free to Valpo community members. There will be food trucks, vendors and live music, yet one thing is not certain: a parking space.

vale-park-lsp-parking-2017-2So, when Dr. Jerry Rodenbarger heard the 4th of July Blast will be right next door this year he and the staff decided to host their own fun. As a way to provide families a parking spot on the busy night, the staff of Vale Park are selling a reserved spot and donating all the proceeds made to Lakeshore PAWS!

“It will be a field day to raise money for charity,” Rodenbarger said. “We (the staff) thought this might be a good way to fundraise for one of favorite charities. We always like to support and sponsor and we thought of Lakeshore PAWS, who we tea up with a lot.”

They called up Lakeshore PAWS President Jeanne Sommers and with her enthusiastic agreement, the staff started their parking lot spots.

Each spot will cost $25 and there are 54 spots designed in the parking lot.

“People can go ahead online and reserve a spot,” he explained. “You can not only have parking, but support Lakeshore PAWS, which is great.”

vale-park-lsp-parking-2017-3Coming up with fun, creative fundraisers for local charities – animal-related and not – is not uncommon for the Vale Park Staff. They have donated to the local shelters, the Independent Cat Society, United Way of Porter County, the Valpo YMCA, and many more!

They will begin letting in cars around 6 p.m. for the holiday celebrations and will have a few of their own festivities going. They will promote raffles and be handing out free t-shirts to kids.

“We hope everyone stops by,” he said.

You can reserve your parking spot by calling the staff at 219-462-5785. Head to the website at to see how many sports are left. They will be going quickly the closer we get to the 4th so call ahead now!

To learn more about Lakeshore PAWS, click here!