Endless Good in Indiana: A Conversation with Governor Holcomb

Endless Good in Indiana: A Conversation with Governor Holcomb

Governor Holcomb Jacked about Good News and People
Indiana State Governor Eric Holcomb speaks on being pumped about good news and good people in the region with Chris Mahlmann, founder and owner of Ideas in Motion Media.

The potential for good is endless. Even on our worst days, there are people making the most of it. Governor Holcomb tells the story of Malachi, a 5-year-old child in Kokomo who raises money for the widow of Indianapolis Policeman Lieutenant Aaron Allen. These types of stories keep Governor Holcomb motivated about good in the Region and keep the everlasting light shining at the end of the tunnel for all.

Governor Holcomb Speaks on Jobs and Workforce Development

Jobs are essential to the quality of life. After bringing superstar Blair Milo to the team, Governor Holcomb discusses more people who have been involved in the quest to bring a variety of jobs to unemployed and future high school graduates. Holcomb covers how technological advancements have supported the pace of job developments, but also cancelled out some in the process. As Indiana is known as the Number-One manufacturing state in the country per capita, many in that force are having to re-learn and adapt to these advancements, alongside many other work fields.

Governor Holcomb on the Importance of Northwest Indiana to the State of Indiana's Success

It’s no joke that the entire state of Indiana holds a special place in Gov. Holcomb’s heart. Being a native of Northwestern Indiana, Holcomb has discovered the strong roots that are well and alive in this region. He has, however, lived and visited the many areas that cover the Hoosier state. Through time and experience, he has come to appreciate and love the diverse heritage, landscape, and developments that have been made all throughout Indiana. He maintains a close connection with the capital city, as well as NWI, and believes that the cup of good news is running over in all Indiana regions.

From leadership and strong connections to breaking developments in business, here is what’s making the ground shake in NWI and how it is impacting the entire state itself.