Good News from New Prairie High School

Good News from New Prairie High School

The World Language Club created calaveras in honor of Día de los Muertos, a day to remember and honor our loved ones who have passed. Using handmade, paper mache skull faces, the students painted and adorned the masks in a variety of colors and designs. The students’ creativity and ingenuity shone through with their final projects!

The International Honor Society promoted gratitude throughout November by creating gorgeous, multi-colored, Mexican paper flowers to sell. Students purchased a flower, attached a note, and sent kind messages to their friends. The deliveries during Cougar Mentor time were exciting times for the receivers of the flowers!

Mr. Hite took pictures of the New Concrete Area outside the art room.  This was the inspiration of David McGhee, one of our Art Teachers.  It will be used to pull his kiln outside to dry ceramics.  Smith Concrete donated the material and Oake Custom Concrete donated the labor of Andy Oake ( A former New Prairie Student) to do the finishing.  Andy worked with the Building Trades Class to pour the concrete.  Thank you again to Smith and Oake for helping out the school.

The agricultural science program at NPHS has been working hard to make the greenhouse an asset to many of our programs at the high school and the middle school.  Middle school students visited the greenhouse when they started a unit on the greenhouse effect.  Mr. Stone, an agriculture teacher, talked with the students about the greenhouse and how it is similar to the atmosphere trapping heat and sunlight.  The plant and soils classes have been using the plant material and the greenhouse environment to conduct experiments.  Plant and soil interactions are important to proper plant growth.

We are hoping to have a plant sale this spring, if COVID allows.  Watch the school website for details.

We would like to thank the community and the administration of NPUSC for supporting our program.

New Prairie High School held its 52st annual National Honor Society Induction Ceremony on November 10, 2020. 

We had the honor of inducting 7 seniors and 50 juniors into the Amzie K. Miller Jr.

Chapter of National Honor Society. Each of these students have demonstrated excellence in the classroom as well as out in their communities with strong character and leadership skills. Devotion to their school, as well as community, has allowed them to receive this prestigious honor.

It is with no question that these candidates deserve this honor, yet this honor also extends to their parents, families, and teachers who support these bright, young individuals. It is through patience, effort, and discipline that these students stand proud in today’s world. They are developing into well-rounded individuals who are capable of anything and everything.

Admission into National Honor Society requires demonstration of the four pillars: Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character.  Students must obtain and maintain 3.5 or higher GPA.  Demonstrate Leadership through participation in two extracurricular or co-curricular activities including employment and community organizations.  Give 15 hours of Service to our community through a variety of avenues and demonstrate Character by being a leader and role model for peers in and out of the classroom. 

Congratulations to all of our members, current and newly inducted; our chapter currently has 102 hardworking junior and senior members.  We are currently working on service projects for Miller's Merry Manor and the Rolling Prairie Food Bank.  Students are providing holiday cheer for young and old with hand made masks, treats, games, toys, and crafts!

Juniors and sophomores in Mrs. Zarate’s classes got to have some fun after spending the morning taking the PSAT. They had to race to match Irish words with American words.  (ex: trash  - rubbish, chips - crisps)

Mrs. Zarate and Mrs. Gonder’s Precalculus classes learned about Parent Functions through a matching activity. They did a great job with graphs, table of values, domain, range, symmetry and even/odd. No one was allowed to run with scissors!

The Michigan City Rotary Club presented Deputy Adams with the “Michigan City 2020 Service Above Self Award”.  

Deputy Adams is a 1985 graduate of New Prairie High School , a 20-year veteran of the LaPorte County Sheriff’s Office and a member of the Emergency Response Team. 

Congratulations Deputy Adams!!  We are Cougar Proud!!