Giving Games Raises Donations and Awareness for St. Jude House and More Through Adventure

Giving Games Raises Donations and Awareness for St. Jude House and More Through Adventure

On Saturday, Edge Adventure Aerial Park in Merrillville hosted the Giving Games, a zip-line obstacle course that tests stamina and bravery. The course contains ladders to climb, moving rope bridges, and zip-lines. The Giving Games is a one-hour excursion that raises money for a select number of local charities. Participants signed up ahead of the event to reserve a time slot, paying $40 with $5 benefitting a local charity, such as St. Jude House.

St. Jude House is a safe emergency shelter and provider of services for victims of domestic violence and their dependent children in Crown Point. Housing, advocacy, and compassionate assistance is provided. Through educational programs, St. Jude House teaches others to recognize the cycle of domestic violence, to empower them to break that cycle, and to offer support and follow-up. St. Jude House is committed to offering love and hope in a healing and caring environment to each person that seeks shelter and/or services, regardless of creed, gender, race, or national origin.

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St. Jude House got involved with the Giving Games, serving as one of the local charities for people to donate. The organization also had a booth at the Aerial Park for people to buy t-shirts, bags, or keychains.

“This is our first time at the Giving Games and doing a fun event like this in the fall,” said Director of Development at St. Jude House, Val Lay. “We hope this event will raise awareness for St. Jude House because the funds are going toward our general operating funds, which allows all of our services for our clients to be free of charge. We have been open since 1995 and have served about 12,000 individuals.”

At 2 o’clock, a group of children participated in the Giving Games supporting St. Jude House by completing an obstacle course. The kids were dressed up as superheroes in support of the cause and in early celebration of Halloween. With parents watching and supporting from the ground, the kids made their way across the obstacle course containing shaky platforms, swinging logs, and ropes to climb.

“We try to participate in as many events as we can in support of St. Jude House, because it is a great cause and my daughter, Kelly, is a part of St. Jude House's board,” said Lora Sullivan, grandma of the participating kids. “It’s important for the kids to be aware of St. Jude House and understand that some kids and family need help. Today was a great learning experience for that, with the obstacle course supporting the cause.”

At the end of the course, the kids got to walk away from the park with a T-shirt from St. Jude House, an important learning experience, and a fun memory of an adventure.

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