General Insurance Services Rings in the Season of Giving

General Insurance Services Rings in the Season of Giving

‘Tis the season—of giving! This rings true at General Insurance Services (GIS) as they make it their duty to give back to the community they serve. These efforts have not only helped the greater community, but inspired and boosted employee morale overall.

“We always go back to our mission: Securing the future of the communities we serve. Whether that’s ensuring proper insurance coverage, volunteering our time, or donating to non-profit organizations, we feel it’s incredibly important to give back,” Kara Moon, Marketing Director at GIS, said. “This is the community we live and work in, we want to make sure we are doing our part to ensure it can thrive and grow.”

Every month GIS celebrates Blue Jean Fridays, where associates pay a small chunk of change to wear blue jeans to work. The money is then distributed each month to an organization of their choosing.

“Every Friday of the month, employees can pay $5 to wear jeans. If we hit a certain amount, GIS will add in a company match. We are donating to the Salvation Army this month,” Moon said.

GIS DonationsOther months, donations have been made to various causes, including Warriors First Foundation, Lakeshore Paws, and Junior Achievement. Additionally, GIS partakes heavily in community events through volunteer work, as employees are designated certain hours to volunteer and give back to an organization that they choose.

“All employees receive volunteer time so that they can get involved in local organizations during work hours. I am very fortunate and humbled to work for a company that, when we see people in need, we’re quick to step up to the plate and do what we can,” Moon said.

La Porte Salvation Army DonationThe most rewarding experience for GIS this time of year however is adopting a family for the holidays.

Terri Fitzpatrick, a Life & Health Service Representative in Michigan City said, “GIS first got involved with Salvation Army’s Adopt-a-Family program in 2015. They reached out to us because they had a lot families that needed help and not enough people or corporations to provide support. With a short time frame of 2 weeks we were able to help a family who had fallen on hard times. The husband was just laid off and their young son was recently diagnosed with autism. They were so shocked by all the gifts and were very grateful and appreciative. It was a very rewarding experience that we have decided to continue helping a family in all of our communities ever since. It’s not often we get to hear their stories but when you do it tends to bring tears to your eyes. You never know, your neighbour could be the one in need. It’s always better to give than receive.”

“Sometimes we forget that people need our help especially around the holiday season. Donating to the Salvation Army has been such a great reminder to those people that we are here for them. I am so fortunate to work with amazing co-workers that helped give our family with the Salvation Army the best Christmas they have had yet,” added Quinn Samuelson, a Personal Customer Service Representative in La Porte.

It’s clear that the initiatives of giving back have had an incredible impact on all the employees at GIS.

“This quote has been floating around Facebook and it has hit me. Responsibility…. What is your “response” with your “abilities” ? I am blessed with the ability to provide for my family. I also have the ability to help in my community, so why not. It only takes one small ability to make a difference. In our La Porte office, we all recognized our own abilities and when we put each of those together, the response was awesome!” Catherine Veach, Employee Benefits Service Representative.