From the Marine Corps to a Career in Sales at Sauers Buick GMC. Meet Brent Renz

From the Marine Corps to a Career in Sales at Sauers Buick GMC. Meet Brent Renz

There’s a new face on the lot at Sauers Buick GMC in La Porte. With only 3 weeks in his new position as a Sales Consultant, Brent Renz, feels comfortable stepping into his first sales role in the automotive world.

“For me, it's all about interacting with the customers. There are all types of people that walk onto the lot. It's great to just talk with them learn their backgrounds and help point them in the direction of a vehicle that will fit their needs here at Sauer Buick GMC,” said Renz.

Renz's daily duties in this position are not limited to the lot.  Many of the customer's Renz meeting are from inquiring phone calls from people that want to learn more about what Sauers Buick GMC has to offer. "Over the phone, it's more down to details with many of them, but it's still all about learning about them and doing what I can to match their needs and wants." 

This is Renz’s first job since completing his service in the United State Marine Corps. Renz spent 4 years of his service time in the Corps as a Cyber Network Operator. His time of service ended in March of this year. 

“This is my first job in sales as well as in automotive. I’m thrilled to have this opportunity and I’m eager to work hard in this position,” Renz continued, “The position and job really just worked out for me. I feel like I stumbled into it and took the opportunity that they offered to me.”

Despite his short period at Sauers Buick GMC, Renz is already setting goals to make his time at the dealership worthwhile for the opportunity that was passed along to him. He continues to set the bar higher and higher each day.

“I really want to grow and develop here. I want to make a larger client base for Sauers Buick GMC. That and always earn great feedback from them,” he laughs.

When not talking to past and potentially future clients at the dealership, Renz spends most of his time at the beach. “I don’t live too far from there. Any free time I get I make sure I go there. I just love hanging out there and playing my guitar.”

To meet Brent Renz, visit Sauers Buick GMC at 1900 E Lincolnway in La Porte.